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  1. speedme

    Thread Oppo Reno 2 official ColorOS 11 (Android 11) release this month

    Hi fellow Reno owners, Oppo announced yesterday that the ColorOS11 (Android 11) update for our Reno 2 will be released this month in Europe. Source : and https://community.oppo.com/in/thread?id=796961978332741636 Some Asian countries already received the beta, but is seems we are the first...
  2. speedme

    Thread Notifications history - Can we learn from Gear 2 ?

    Hi everyone, As all others, I'm also pretty bummed by the fact that Whatsapp on our S3 doesn't show all unread notifications but only the last one. I used to own a Samsung Gear 2 (square smartwatch with Tizen OS version 2.2.1) which has the feature to show some kind of history of all received...
  3. speedme

    Thread Pair Gear 2 (Tizen) with 2 phones ?

    Hi, Currently I have a Gear 2 with Android Wear installed on it. I have it that way since I bought my watch (second hand). Now that I have also a business phone (Samsung S5) and a personal phone (Samsung S7), I am wondering if I can install Tizen on my watch and pair it with both my S7 AND S7...
  4. speedme

    Thread Cannot flash stock rom with Odin - Stuck on "Nand write start"

    I have my Galaxy S7 (Exynos, SM-G930F) since 2 weeks now and from the start I installed TWRP and root on my phone. Also Xposed installed. Yesterday I received a System Update, which wondered me as my phone is rooted and I never saw any system update notifications on my rooted phones. But the...
  5. speedme

    Thread EFS backup ?

    Hi guys, A few years back I read on this forum that it was wise to backup the EFS of my S5, in case something happened with the phone and the IMEI number couldn't be recognized anymore. Does that still apply to my new S7 ? And when yes, what is the best way to backup the EFS ?
  6. speedme

    Thread Phone rooted - How about the monthly security patches ?

    I was wondering, I have rooted my phone using Chainfire's CF-Autoroot. Normally this will disable OTA updates, I'm aware of that. But is there some way to manually flash the monthly security updates that Samsung releases each month ? (or at least they say they are going to release them each...
  7. speedme

    Thread No.1 G3 new round smartwatch coming soon...

    Hi Everyone, Just want to inform you guys that I received information about the release of a new smartwatch from the Chinese manufacterer No.1. This model will be the G3. The watch will have a full round display of 240x240 pixels, powered by a MediaTek MT2520 processor. The watch has 64 MB RAM...
  8. speedme

    Thread Double post, please remove

    Sorry, double post. Can be removed
  9. speedme

    Thread [Tutorial] use Android Wear with 2 phones (iOS and Android)

    I have found this in another thread, but couldn't resist to also tell it here. Thanks to kakocr2000 for the tutorial Original post here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/android-wear/development/tutorial-android-wear-2-phones-ios-t3263546
  10. speedme

    Thread Broken notifications in Gear Manager ? Here's the solution

    I've spent a lot of time to figure out how to get full notifications back on my Gear 1. Since the last few updates, Samsung screwed us over by updating Gear Manager and mess with the notifications in the process. For a lot of apps, the full notifications were removed now only showing the app...
  11. speedme

    Thread Notifications DPI settings

    Hi, I want to change the screen resolution of notifications to a less larger screen so more text will fit on the screen. I'm on NULL_23 and have Xposed App Settings installed. I tried changing the "messages" to different dpi setting, but it stays the same. Anyone know how I need to set the...
  12. speedme

    Thread Weird time problem

    I recently got my Gear 1 and directly started installing TWRP and Null_23, which went without problems. I only have a weird, but mostly annoying problem which I can't figure out : I have 2 smartphones : 1 Galaxy S4 (private phone) and 1 Galaxy S3 (business phone). On both I've installed Gear...
  13. speedme

    Thread Need help to decide

    Hi, I have been searching the web for a smartwatch for a long time now and I've seen a lot of smartwatches. I briefly owned a Sony MN2 (smartwatch 1) and it was pretty OK, but had some flaws. Like it was absolutely impossible to see the time in direct sunlight. Indoors it was great. Also the...
  14. speedme

    Thread Need assistence : fake or not ?

    Hi everyone, I am in the opportunity to swap my S4 with a Note 3, but the person claims this Note 3 is from Korea. I am wondering if it's fake or not. Screenshot he sent me : https://app.box.com/s/enjy529pg077nemwyc5j It looks real, but I never heared about a Korean version (however Samsung...
  15. speedme

    Thread Battery status stuck at 0%

    Recently I purchased my first tablet, ofcourse the Nexus 7 32 GB and I am very happy with it. As soon as I started it, I received the notice that an update was ready to be installed, which I did (4.2). After that I got another notice to install 4.2.1. So far so good, everything worked very...
  16. speedme

    Thread HTC Sense clock

    Hi, I am looking for the HTC Sense clock, but can't find it anywhere. Does someone have it or does know where to find it ?
  17. speedme

    Thread mp4 files don't play anymore

    I've taken some movies with the phone, saved in MP4 format. When I try to play it with the standard HTC Album, it just doesn't play. It plays sound, but for the rest is the screen black. When I play it in TCPMP, I have picture and sound. So the codec is installed. Does someone have had the...
  18. speedme

    Thread Percentage battery meter in TF3D ?

    Hi guys, Since a few days I own a Diamond (coming from the TyTn II) and I was wondering something : Is it possible to have somewhere in TF3D a meter telling the percentage of the battery-status ? I just to have Batterystatus Extended installed on my TyTn II and it worked very well. I've...
  19. speedme

    Thread Worth upgrading ?

    Hi guys, I own a HTC Kaiser at the moment and I'm pretty pleased with the phone (although it lacks D2D/DD drivers. Mine is doing what I want), but I'm able to exchange my Kaiser with a Diamond. I don't use the HW Keyboard often, so my question is : is it worth upgrading to the Diamond ? How...
  20. speedme

    Thread WM 6.1 - unable to restore all SMS

    I have received the MDA Vario III this week and started to backup all SMS, etc from my old Vario I. Before that, I have simunlocked my Vario III and put on the official WM6.1 ROM (ROM 3.03.405.0.WWE, Radio, I have backupped my old SMS, etc on the Vario I with PIM Backup (but also...