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  1. racinmason001

    Thread 28gb free system space

    Why do i have almost 30gb system space i can't use?
  2. racinmason001

    Thread Choppy, Slow, Distorted Nexus 6 audio issue

    I don't know how to describe this audio issue. It seems to be rare, it does it for some games not others and does it with my Bluetooth headphones in some games and not others. I'm running Shamu with AICP Rom (3/29 build) and running B14CKB1RD 1.7 kernel. Check out https://youtu.be/WLqPBTIOxuo...
  3. racinmason001

    Thread Wife's Note4 screen stays on.

    Hello and Happy Turkeyday to all. I have an issue with my wife's note. When she gets any notifications they turn the screen on and it doesn't turn off. I feel pretty knowledgeable about the android O.S. in a whole, I have my S5 rooted and running AICP. I just can't figure out why the...
  4. racinmason001

    Thread Attention Tmobile Users

    I just contacted Tmobile support to check if they were working on the towers in my area and the support agent told me they can see my device is rooted. Does anyone know how they see this? I feel I have been spyed on:rolleyes:. Is it the tmobile account app that I pay my bill with? I'll get rid...
  5. racinmason001

    Thread Official 4.3 update for tmo s3 released

  6. racinmason001

    Thread Why does my tmobile data and connection speed suck so bad?

    I live in Hesperia, CA. Tmobile 4g network blows here. I just did a speed test and the testing app showed I had a 3g connection while the status bar icon showed it as 4g(screenie added) what's up with that is tmo lying to me? Saying I'm connected to 4g when I'm actually not... I never get above...