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    Thread [tutorial]How to change bootlogo

    Hi, I want to show you the way to change bootlogo on your Lumia. On Lumia we has two logo. First logo appear after boot(it's Nokia or Microsoft). Second logo appears when windows loading . (it's blue tiles) ok, what need to change logo? 1) unlock phone using WPInternals 2) ext2fsd (just google...
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    Thread GRUB2 for lumias

    Hello everyone! I compiled GRUB2.02_beta3 for armv7. Added some fixes to make selection possible. for its work you need unlock bootloader! (see wpinternals)
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    Thread [Tutorial]How reinstall/uninstall cab

    Hi, if you try install the cab's on your w10m you can get the errors. Sometimes package can be installed incorrectly. Today I show you how reinstall cab package. WARNING: IT'S IMPORTANT SYSTEM PART, YOU CAN GET BOOT LOOP. you need: PC with telnet; device on w10m build higer 10586...
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    Thread How install app as system app

    i try install continuum on my device, but I installed a newer version than I have on my phone. i did hard reset and delete files using cmd. today i try install this package yourself. I copied files, and write small phyton sctipt(to convert xml manifest in to bat) to export registry values. now...
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    Thread [app] waxman - package manager

    hi, my name is Roman and to day I finish first version of my app(waxman). waxman it's package manager for w10m devices. It have own repository and can automatycly install executables on you device. Now it can ONLY install executables but I working on a new version. Now working: 1. installing...