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    Thread New LCD: How to do after disassemble

    Hi everyone, Probably many already had to replace the LCD/Digitizer so for those who did or know the process, after removing the old one do we need to do anything in terms of adapting the phone to the new LCD/Digitizer? I ask this since I read we must to a factory reset but just want to be...
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    Thread Baseband M8998TMO_20207. NUS, firmware?

    Hi everyone, Recently I bought a phone from a UK seller, new, but can't figure out which is the firmware: Baseband: M8998TMO_20207. NUS Software variant: retru Software channel: tmo Build number: OPXS27.109-24-17 These were the original settings, after I flash the last version...
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    Thread Moving apps to the SD Card

    Hi everyone, How can we transfer apps from the internal memory to the micro sd card? I'm able to transfer data (pictures, videos etc) not not applications. Android 8.0, stock Thank you in advance
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    Thread No OS, Bootloader locked, can't flash official ROM

    Hi everyone, I had problems with my Moto X Force (UK) and bough second hand one to replace the board (was said was in bootloop), I tried to flash and it gives no errors but continued in bootloop, notice it has the bootloader locked and since I can't boot into the OS it doesn't let me to unlock...
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    Thread Google Camera

    Hi everyone, Which should be the version we should install of Google Camera on our Moto X Force 7.0 (NPKS25.200-12-9)?
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    Thread Clean Flash - no network/WiFi/Bluetooth

    Hi everyone, Yesterday did a clean Flash of KINZIE_RETEU_7.0_NPKS25.200-12-9_cid7_subsidy-DEFAULT_CFC.xml but don't have network or WiFi. Any idea?
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    Thread How to reinstall Android 7?

    Hi everyone, I had a problem with my Motorola Moto X Force after the last update, tried to root but it damaged the bootloader/boot, trying to reinstall again now I'm not able to flash the bootloader getting: writing 'bootloader'... (bootloader) Motoboot: Preflash validation for aboot...
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    Thread Issues flashing

    Hi everyone, I have a Moto X Force and I'm having the current erros while flashing, already google about it but no solution so far: Anyone came across with the same errors?
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    Thread Screen proximity sensor

    Hi everyone, How do I turn off the proximity sensor which turns on the screen?
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    Thread Cannot change Mobile Data SIM card option

    Hi everyone, Since some days ago I can't change or get my giffgaff card working on mobile data, tried changing slots but I'm enable to choose that card as mobile data, tired on another phone and it worked, anyone experienced anything similar? Tomorrow I will swap with a new card just for...
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    Thread Moto X Pure/Style Out of the box available internal memory

    Can anyone confirm me what's the internal memory available once you turn on your device for the first time? Thanks
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    Thread [Q] [Help] No network from SIM

    Hi, I have problems with my Galaxy Nexus not getting network from my SIM card, already tried stock ROM, and now I´m using Dreams rom. Sometimes I get network from one SIM and sometimes I don´t, although this sim cards work on other phones. I get from SIM info: Network: Vodafone Uk Signal...
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    Thread [Q] New Phone: Dual SIM Active

    Hi everyone, After getting my Huawei G750 (3X) screen smashed I´m looking for a phone with this minimum specifications: - Dual SIM Active - 13 MP Back Camera - Android 4.4 with CyanogenMod Rom available - SD Card slot - 2 GB RAM memory Already google for about 4h without finding anything..
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    Thread [Request] Creation of sub-forum for Huawei G750/Honor 3X

    Hi everyone, I'm following the current threat about Huawei G750, and in my opinion there is enough info to create a new sub-forum dedicated to Huawei G750 / Huawei Honor 3X. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2620608 Thanks
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    Thread [Q] [Problem] Jellybean 4.2.2 (CyanogenMod 10.1) 20130908 - Downloading mode drivers

    Hi, I want to flash the stock rom but can't connect correctly the S5660 to Odin, having the error: "USB not recognized: Phone: Samsung Gio GT-S5660 Rom: Jellybean 4.2.2 (CyanogenMod 10.1) 20130908 Computer OS: Windows 8.1 Pro Already tried installing Kies, different usb drivers, different usb...
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    Thread [Q] How to restore backup nandroid upload as zip from Clockworkmod?

    Hi, Yesterday I made a new nandroid backup and uploaded it using clockworkmod, which created an zip file, my problem is, how upload it to android to restore again using clockworkmod? Thanks in advanced
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    Thread [Q] How emulate nandroid backup?

    I have tried to emulate a nandroid backup of my Wildfire with sdk manager but it keeps looping on boot, anyone knows other ways to emulate roms or .img?
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    Thread [Q] How emulate nandroid backup?

    Quote Modify Remove -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Has much of you, I have have upgraded to froyo, but the backups I have made, didn't restore everything I wanted. Since I can't for now downgrade I decided to emulate the nandroid backup image...