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  1. trinilu27

    Thread broken text

    I can't send text...I can receive them.but can't send...I have I have factory reset a few times.. double and triple check my APN unrooted and flash back to stock 6.0.1 and .. tried multiple third-party texting apps .....still can't send a text... any help is appreciated... thank you in advance
  2. trinilu27

    Thread hard bricked!!

    I have a one plus 5t it was running a bliss ton on android 9....i took a ota to android 10 bliss and the phone rebooted in to safe mode and no matter what i couldn't get it to boot normally...so i did a factory reset and now the phone wont power on at all.....no led no screen lighting...
  3. trinilu27

    Thread dancing Android

    Can anyone please tell what this little dancing guy is for and why?....he pops on the screen for about 5 seconds and the disappears....i have seen this guy from my first smart phone 13 years ago to my current one....I have asked this question before but with out the screen shot every one thought...
  4. trinilu27

    Thread note 4 playstore issues

    Oh so I'm stumped on this one....first off I'm rooted and running a TEKXODUS Hybrid n4 rom.i have the newest version of playstore installed that I installed with luckypatcher.apk in witch I have done many times with out a problem until now..the problem is any app that I've ever downloaded from...
  5. trinilu27

    Thread I am the owner!

    wanting to root my lg g4...so i flashed from mm back to lp..everything was going smooth untill after boot and its time to set up the phone so i enter my wifi and next wizard wants my email..then pass word...then it tells me this phone has been reset and i nead to enter the email of the owner...
  6. trinilu27

    Thread root for galaxy s5 g900a

    dose anyone know if there's root for the galaxy s 5 g900a the problem is I bought the phone used and the person that owned it be four me took the latest Ota update to android 5.0.... and from what I read on line a month or so back...if u have the at&t s5 running lollipop u better get used to a...