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    Thread [Q] access the sms's from memory

    Dear all, my galaxy s7 suddenly corrupted with this message: (I can't speak Itailenish) but I think only way to make hard reset and wipe everything. I can see the system files with usb cable (rooted) and at the momenyt I can't wipe everything because one of sms is really important for me and I...
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    Thread [Q] corrupted system memory

    My s7 edge has been restarted and this message is came: I dont spek Italien but I think this message about the system memory. If I restart my system comes always this. My phone is rooted and if I open Teamwin recovery and mount the system I can't see my files. My some files are really...
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    Thread Delayed notifications

    Dear all, I have been realized some notifications comes first when I open screen. It includes gmail push emails and my site live chat app. I think somethings about the sleep policy is wrong. How can I fix this problem. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Thread many problems have been occured in a short time

    Firstly, my ENglish is not very well I hope I can describe my problems clearly I have a quite old 9505 and until one week ago outer "sim card remove error" everything was ok. Now my phone has a touch screen problem. For example I am using phone 15-20 seconds after that soft menu buttons and...
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    Thread TW launcher sorting alphabetically

    Is that possible, if yes, how?
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    Thread [Q] My Battery kills me

    I'M using Oxygen 0.2.2 Beta Rom. Yesterday I recalibrate my battery, closed unnecessary programs, turn off wifi, 3g, gps and bluetooth. Morning I checked battery level and shocked :eek: battery leves was about %75. I checked if there any memory leaked program but I couldn't find something like...
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    Thread [Q] My HTC-Repair and UPS-Story.

    Hello, First of all I have to say my English is not very well. I bought almost 3 months ago a HTC Desire from Germany. After restart problem I communicated HTC. During my germany trip I sent my phone to german HTC repair service Arvato GmbH. (15th September) HTC gave me this information...
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    Thread [Q] Problem after boot downgrade

    Hi, I wanted to turn stock rom and my hboot 0.80 I tried to downgrade my hboot to 0,75. I installed via ROM Manager. Still my hboot version is 0,80 and I can not access my phone. After boot animation the device restart itself loopy hundered times. I installed 2x or 3x times any image, app2sd...
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    Thread HTC must change our phones to new ones

    Hi Guys, I have a Desire with restart problem. I contacted with HTC and they say "you must send your phone and repair process can take minimum 10 days" I'm not accept this, this phone already has manufacturing defect and HTC knows that already. Why ı should wait at least 10 days for it. HTC...
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    Thread [Q] Is there any trick for this?

    I'm enjoying to write emails and sms's for compact HTC_IME keyboard with t9. But in browser I don't want to use t9 and compact keyboard. I like to use regular q keyboard without any prediction, also with internet forms,too. Is there any chance or any program to according to the selected...
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    Thread What do think about email programs of Desire

    As you know, we have two different email program in stock rom. "Mail" and "Gmail". You have to be a google account for to use market and other stuffs. If you add a gmail account to your device your mails checking by "Gmail". You cannot add any POP3 account to Gmail. You should use for stock...
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    Thread I can't update to 1.21.405.2

    Hi, My device is 1.15 and rooted. When I click "system software update" I'm always seeing checkingin, nothing more. I want to update my device to 1.21.405.2 but I can't. What is your suggestions?