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  1. harpin14789

    Thread Has anyone flashed Treakmod?

    Is it stable? Daily driver ready? Does it have OOS stock camera?
  2. harpin14789

    Thread What Email app do you use?

    I'm currently using Email by Edison software. Have a couple Gmail accounts and a university email (office 365).
  3. harpin14789

    Thread Best battery (SOT) with stock kernel?

    Anyone have better battery life on stock kernel than on any custom kernel?
  4. harpin14789

    Thread HDR Video Player

    I have HDR movie video files on the phone, what video player can I use to play those, when I use an app that doesn't support HDR, the video is just washed out.
  5. harpin14789

    Thread What magisk rom are u using and why?

    I'm currently using Renovate ICE. I like it because of features like edge lighting and auto HBM. Plus a very responsive Dev team.
  6. harpin14789

    Thread OOS nav gestures breaking

    Something is causing the gestures to break. Anyone have this issue? https://imgur.com/a/E5bLxLX
  7. harpin14789

    Thread Oneplus 7 pro Widevine status? After bootloader unlock?

    For the people that got the 7pro already, is it Widevine L1? If anyone has unlocked bootloader do u still retain L1 and do u still have FHD HDR playback on Netflix? Thanks! :)
  8. harpin14789

    Thread Google backup isn't working

    I'm having trouble with my google backup. It's not backing even I allowed backups when I setup the phone. Does anyone else have that problem?
  9. harpin14789

    Thread Carrier branded models can be rooted?

    Hi, I've never used a Samsung device before and some I'm wondering if all the s8 models can be root or only the unlocked model? Like the V30.
  10. harpin14789

    Thread US998 Apprantly Coming October 27th

    A Reddit user discovered this on b&h. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.androidheadlines.com/2017/10/retailer-listing-suggests-unlocked-lg-v30-available-october-27.html/amp https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1357369-REG/lg_lgus998_ausasv_lg_v30_us998_64gb.html you have to be on mobile to...
  11. harpin14789

    Thread Substratum compatible Roms

    I recently got into the beta for substratum theme engine. Anybody know any roms that support substratum? I tried on pure nexus but it force closes. Thanks
  12. harpin14789

    Thread Portable DAC/AMP

    Hi, Can anybody suggest any sub $50 Portable usb DAC/Amp for my nexus 6 to run with my ATH-M50x headphones.
  13. harpin14789

    Thread [Q] Evita Hboot 2.15 to Hboot 2.18

    How can I update From Hboot 2.15 to Hboot 2.18, I have unlocked bootloader, S-Off, and Super CID. Does it wipe SD card? Will I lose root? Will current Rom be wiped? Thanks :D
  14. harpin14789

    Thread [Q] Firmware Update

    Will updating my firmware on my htc one xl to run sense, will it wipe my sd card. If not, What does it wipe.
  15. harpin14789

    Thread [Q] Firmware Update

    Will updating my firmware on my htc one xl to run sense, will it wipe my sd card. If not, What does it wipe.
  16. harpin14789

    Thread Apps

    Where can I get free apps
  17. harpin14789

    Thread [Q] Dock

    Where can I get a dock for my htc one xl.
  18. harpin14789

    Thread [Q] Logcat

    How to run logcat?
  19. harpin14789

    Thread [Q] s-off

    Can the Att htc-one get s-off?