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    Thread Insane Idle Battery Drain

    Hi, I'm getting some insane levels of idle battery drain recently. A bit of background, - US Stock - Rooted - SuperCID I was having this battery drain everyday for about 2 weeks, so I wiped my phone and started fresh. Since I did, I've been slowly introducing only a few apps everyday, and the...
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    Thread Idle Battery Drain - Even When Device Turned Off

    Hi, Really strange one and hoping someone can help. I have the 10.1 Exynos, and I lose ~20% battery per day when I leave the tablet alone, even when it is switched off. What I have tried, 1. Replacing the battery - same symptoms with a brand new battery 2. Replacing the Micro USB charging...
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    Thread [Q] A case of missing pictures

    Hi all, Short version - copied some images to my device using SyncMe (phone -> laptop, laptop -> Nexus 7), only 4 of roughly 100 images show up in the Gallery for this folder. Longer version - I had previously set-up automatic sync between my phone and my laptop to sync pictures taken on my...