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    Thread Qtek 9000 Changing language from Spanish to English

    I have a Qtek 9000 purchased in Spain with Spanish ROM. I would like to change this to English. I downloaded a ROM update via Expansys site but it will not load as it reports I am using the incorrect language version. HTC tell me it is not possible. Any ideas please?
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    Thread Qtek 9000 Spanish to English please

    I have a Qtek 9000 which is in SPanish and I need to change to English. Where do I get a ROM update. The Q-tek site just says thjat it doesnt recognise my IMEI as a Brighton product - whatever that is! Many thanks
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    Thread Wifi and Activesync problems

    I have a K-Jam which linked perfectly to my home wifi system the first time I used it. I then synced to my PC using Activesync 4.1 (later 4.2) and the wifi link ceased. Exactly the same ting has happened with my XDA Executive and indeed a DEll Axim. There appears to be a conflict between Wifi...
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    Thread Problems with Wifi

    I am having trouble with Wifi when using my Qtek 9000 and other Windows Mobile devices. It links to my home Wifi perfectly until I synconise with Activesyn and then Wifi will not work at all. Exactly the same thing has happened with other Windows mobile units such as the K-Jam and Dell Axim...
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    Thread Unlocking XDA 11 - ANy news yet?

    Any news yet about locking XDA 11? Many thanks
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    Thread GPRS Roaming in Spain

    Hi! I use an XDA with Orange SIM in the UK which used to roam on GPRS well, using Movistar, when I am in Spain. Since the new UK upgrade was added a couple of weeks ago in will no longer log on to GPRS in Spain but works fine in the UK. Anyone else had this problem, any ideas? Thanks.
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    Thread XDA Additional battery

    Does anyone else have problems with screwing the additional battery to the back of the XDA? I find that finger tight is not tight enough and the grooves in the screws are not deep enough for a screwdriver. If a screwdriver is used it scratches them! Can those screw thibgs be replace with...
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    Thread New XDA?

    I gather that there is another version of the XDA coming in the autumn with an improved screen and built-in antenna that is rumoured to be tri-band. Anyone else heard this or got more information?
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    Thread Ireland O2 Upgrade

    Will the Ireland o2 upgrade work with my UK XDA? I was about to try it and then noticed this! "Please note that this software download is intended solely for O2 Ireland XDA customers, and will not function on devices purchased in other countries. O2 Ireland will provide support on software...