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    Thread Cut and Paste stopped working

    In many places, like chrome, cut and paste just won't invoke any longer. Long press and it does nothing. Cleared all caches and tried safe mode but still doesn't work. Will a hard reset work or is this a stock rom issue? Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Thread Magnetic USB-C Connectors

    I've seen magnetic connectors for microUSB but I've yet to see anything legitimate yet for USB-C. Anyone seen anything? It's my opinion that magnetic connectors make more sense then wireless charging because you can charge in bed etc without your device having to be docked to charge. And with...
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    Thread USB Type C cables. Errors on certified spreadsheet

    Either Elegiant has changed what their shipping or someone has goofed on their cable testing. I bought two of the Allegiant A to C cables based on the spreadsheet saying that they had passed using checkR. We'll when I test them with checkR they clearly fail. Not surprisingly they also...
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    Thread Charging way below spec?

    I installed ampere from the play store and monitored the charge rate both with with the supplied N6p charger and also my old anker 5 port which maxes out around 2.1 amps per port. The results, if accurate, were telling. I started with the N6p around 60% full. Both chargers consistently varied...
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    Thread Lollipop-No more OTAs for rooted devices. How will you update rooted stock devices?

    I By now everyone must be aware that Lollipop has a new way of checking for system mods that will prevent rooted devices from taking OTAs. Has anyone thought through what the easiest and best procedure will be for updating the firmware going forward? I've applied the lollipop OTA but have been...
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    Thread [Q] Titanium Backup - multiple backup folders

    I am wanting to keep a separate archive of older apps. The apps will be backup up and then uninstalled from the device. I would like this set of apps to be kept in a separate TiB backup folder. Are there any issues that I should know related to creating an additional TiB folder for these...
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    Thread [Q] Titanium Backup - Segregate Apps

    I am wanting to create a separate TB file for apps I want to archive. I don't think I want these mixed in with my general backup of the whole device. I will, from time to time, want to add apps to this archive version of the backup. So the archive and the current file for TB will need to...
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    Thread Post your Qi charging battery Temp

    My tylt Qi charger heats my battery to 110F (updated). Ive been told that for some reason all Qi wireless chargers heat the battery this much in this particular device. Please tell us your charger and max battery temp during charge. There are a lot of apps that will tell you max battery temp...
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    Thread Nexus 5 alternative choice

    If the N5 doesn't live up to your expectations which phone would you prefer instead even if cost were not a factor? Is there another carrier flagship phone that you are satisfied would be flexible enough for you to be able to do all of the following? root, rom; restore to stock rom if...
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    Thread Low on internal memory (not)

    The play store has now twice flashed a message saying I am low on internal memory (1.4mb). I actually have over 6gb available. This is a rooted, stock, 4.3. Anybody have any idea whats up with these low internal memory messages?
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    Thread JB bluetooth/dialer problems

    Has anyone else experienced the flowing BT issues with jelly bean? 1. Can't make any 3rd party dialer apps the default without completely disabling google search 2. Built in voice dialer so bad its unusable when used with bluetooth 3. Cant use the center button to activate any voice...
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    Thread Pure Calendar Widget Export Settings

    Does anybody know where Pure Calendar Widgets places the settings export file. I've searched the SD card and can't find it anywhere. I've got a Galaxy Nexus so maybe it has something to do with the way it handles the internal SD card? It says that its saving the file. Just can't find it anywhere.
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    Thread Reboot function safe?

    I've got a GN that due to bluetooth issues requires a couple of daily reboots. I have root and a reboot app which is much faster and more convenient than a stock power off/on. My question is should I be concerned about unsafe closes on apps like touchdown exchange without doing a shutdown first?
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    Thread 3-way calling problem.

    I'm having a problem with 3-way calling which renders it virtually useless. When you are on a call and then add a third party to the call it is very difficult for the original two callers to hear the third. Unless the third party speaks very loudly their voice will be "squelched" out. In other...
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    Thread [Q] SGS2 - Dont understand the memory partitioning

    I was playing with the SGS2 in the tmo store today and I just dont understand how they partitioned the internal memory. This was a virgin phone, just powered up. Under manage apps, all, it showed 1.9gb free. Under SD card it showed 11 GB free. There was no SD card in the slot. So it looks...
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    Thread [Q] Info on Tmo GS2

    Can anyone tell me what the TMO GS2 will be referred to as in cyanogen lingo? Also will the existing CM7 ROMS for the GS2 work on the TMO version? I realize that the product hasn't shipped quite yet but just wondered what was going to be involved to get CM7 ported to TMO's version? I...
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    Thread Sensation - More internal memory for programs

    I see where the sensation has 4gb of internal memory but the way the internal is partitioned only 1 gb of it is available for programs. I guess the remainder 3gb internal is going to sense? Can anyone make an educated guess as to whether some of that 3gb will be made available for programs...
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    Thread [Q] Bluetooth - disable buttons

    I just got a new sony stereo bluetooth headset. It has >> and << buttons that are in a real bad place and I don't use them regardless. Any way to disable? I've been staring at them lately and pondering superglue:eek: