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    Thread Question Oneplus 9 CN, no wireless charging ?

    Hello, I've just tested a Oneplus 9 Chinese version. Unfortunately wireless charging doesn't work... Is there a way to activate it with a software tweak or is the hardware different from the Global version ?
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    Thread Whatsapp on Mate 40 Pro

    Hello, was anyone able to make Whatsapp work on Mate 40 Pro global ? I tried to install it but it keeps saying that "Google Services" are needed, then a circle keeps turning and I can't do anything.... Edit : Sorry, the reason for the issue is that I installed MicroG, once I uninstalled it...
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    Thread How to activate 5G (tested in Switzerland)

    Hello, I've just published a video tutorial which explains how to activate 5G when it doesn't work. It tested the method in Switzerland. The video is only in French at the moment but I will try to do another one in English soon... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DtH0-PZQMw&t=193s
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    Thread 5G not working....again...

    Hello, I was hoping that this time 5G would work out of the box with the new Oneplus 8T, unfortunately it does not ! Besides it seems QPST (which allowed to modify carrier policy) doesn't work either on Oxygen 11. I live in Switzerland (carrier Sunrise). Was anyone able to get QPST work on...
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    Thread Modify Carrier Policy to get 5G work

    Hello, I have a SM-N9860 with TGY CSC. I was able to get carrier_policy files with QPST. Can anyone help me modify them so that 5G is enabled in any country that use N78 Band (in my case Switzerland). You'll find both files attached. Or : if someone with a BRI SM-N9860 could share his Policyman...
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    Thread N9860 China

    Hello, the answer to my question might sound obvious but I want to be 200% sure. If I get N9860 China model, can I flash Hong Kong firmware on it with Odin ? According to the files I found on Sammobile it seems ok but I need a confirmation ...
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    Thread Samsung SM-G9860 Snapdragon Enable 5G

    Hello, I bought a Samsung S20 Plus SM-G9806 (Snapdragon). Eventhough it's geared up with the N78 Band, it cannot connect to 5G Swisscom Network. Is there a way to fix it (modify carrier policy....) ? Thanks for your help
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    Thread Mate 30 Pro 5G and Gapps ?

    Hello, I don't know if anyone can answer this question now, but is there any chance that the "backup method" will work on the 5G version of the Mate 30 Pro ? In other words, is it possible to restore a Mate 30 4G backup on a 5G ? Thanks for your help
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    Thread Notifications in Status Bar

    Hello, my notifications don't appear in the Status Bar (top of the screen) as it used to with other phones. Is it possible to active it ? I checked my settings and everything seems ok... Thanks for your help.
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    Thread Impossible to upload/sync photos to Google Photos

    Hello, I cannot upload or sync photos to Google Photos. I've tried every connection possible, cleared cache/Data, reinstall app, but the photos I take or download on Vivo NEx don't upload. The circle in Google Photos keeps turning but nothing happens... Can anyone help ?
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    Thread Rom PD1805_A_1.14.5-update-full.zip

    Hello, I was able to dowload this file +Rom PD1805_A_1.14.5-update-full.zip" . Is anyone able to make it flashable with SP_Flash_Tool ? Here is the link : https://mega.nz/#!5I4hxaQD!FBdmF9C8q8AWfOmb0qlFvIrvP2BI1JgXNBHdpyABjlE Thanks for your help
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    Thread Stuck on Vivo account

    Hello, I've made a big blunder. I was able to create a vivo account with a virtual Chinese phone number. Unfortunately, I was not able to create a password and I cannot access the phone number anymore. So, my phone is stuck on "my" Vivo account. Is there a solution to remove this account ? I...
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    Thread App Twin Floder Location

    Hello, I've just created a Twin App for Whatsapp on my Mate 10 Pro, but I can't find the Twin App folder. Can anyone help my find its path... Thanks
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    Thread Stuck with Fastboot, DFU and locked bootloader

    Hello, I am totally lost... I've been trying to solve this problem for 2 weeks... I relocked my bootloader by mistake. Since that day, I can only access : fastboot and DFU mode. It seems I can flash recovery with fastboot, but the phone never boots into recovery (stuck on ZTE logo). I've tried...
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    Thread no signal after update in A2017GV1.2.0B02

    Hello, I konw that the question has already been asked, still I did not find any solution so far. I updated my phone to A2017GV1.2.0B02. My phone is a Chinese model. Therefore I assume it's a bootstack problem. Still I did not find which bootstack or modem I had to flash... Thanks for your help
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    Thread unresponsive screen after flash/conversion

    Hello, My touch screen doesn't work anymore after I changed my oeminfo + try to flash different FW. The phone doesn't boot anymore, still I can flash it with fastoot. I flashed stock recovery + Twrp, I can boot them but the touch screen doesn't work anymore... Last FW I flashed was Nougat...
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    Thread Booloader codes available now !

    Good news. You can now get your bootloader code without waiting 14 days. Just buy it with DC-Unlocker here : https://www.dc-unlocker.com/
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    Thread Hicloud Services with L29

    Hello, can anyone tell me how to use all the Hicloud services (SMS, Call log backup) with the international version of the FW ? I tried, but without success so far. Thanks