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  1. ZaForD

    Post [ROM] [Final build 1] 14/05 LineageOS 13.0 | Android 6.0.1 | Stable

    Was gonna ask the same question, but you beat me to it. Maybe the Dev will look into it if he gets bored ??? But there is a solution to the 'Spam Ads' now. Check out this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/elephone-s7/help/s7-mini-ads-startup-t3591227
  2. ZaForD

    Post S7 Mini 'Ads' on startup.

    Good News Looks like Daniel-David has found a work round, post #47 on this page: http://bbs.elephone.hk/thread-13381-5-1.html Seems its the default launcher. Quick run down: 1º- Install Nova Launcher (I tried with this one, maybe other ones also works) 2º- Set as default, keeping press the...
  3. ZaForD

    Post [Discontinued] [Rom][Port][CM 13.1][All models]

    Sorry for the dump question guys =( But, does this Rom work on 'All Models' of just the S7? I know theres a load of them. Or does it include the S7 Mini too? Thanks.
  4. ZaForD

    Post S7 Mini 'Ads' on startup.

    Thanks for the reply nickzeptepi, It looks like its something in the stock rom, people are complaining on the Elephone forums, and not just about the S7 Mini. http://bbs.elephone.hk/thread-13381-1-1.html Have to try and find another rom.
  5. ZaForD

    Thread S7 Mini 'Ads' on startup.

    Hi Guys, The last few days I've been getting 'Ads' on the home screen every time I login. Figured I (or the kids) had installed something stupid =/ Today I did a full factory reset, only to get an 'Ad' on the home screen with in minutes of resetting. And before I'd installed any apps or apk's...
  6. ZaForD

    Post s7 battery problem

    I had same problem with S7 Mini, turned out it was 'Play Services' Check this link for details. https://forum.xda-developers.com/elephone-s7/help/elephone-s7-mini-terrible-battery-drain-t3560035
  7. ZaForD

    Post Elephone S7 mini - Terrible battery drain

    Thanks Matt, this worked great. =) 'play services' got installed when I installed Google Music and battery life plummeted. (100% going to bed 80% in the morning) I checked I had the latest version and cleared the cached files (as you suggested) then rebooted. Last night 100% going to bed 96%...
  8. ZaForD

    Post Root, twrp Elephone S7

    Will this process work with the S7 Mini ? Or is it only for the S7 ?
  9. ZaForD

    Post $50 Gift Card for Lumia 950/950XL owners from Microsoft!!

    No, I have it here in the UK. Its for a £50 gift card.
  10. ZaForD

    Post New Firmware Update

    Finally got an update notification on my UK SIM Free 950XL. Although it seems to be for the 01078.00038.16025.390xx firmware. Can't say I've noticed any difference yet.
  11. ZaForD

    Post New Firmware Update

    No, its for all versions 950 and XL, Single and Dual SIM. But, no sign of it on my UK SIM Free 950XL, either. I'm wondering if we'll get it free with our 'Free Display Docks' sometime in April... :)
  12. ZaForD

    Post Possible to unlock b20 800mhz mi4c ?

    ggkameleon, I don't have this phone (yet :( ) But, my Telco uses Band 20 too. What I intend to do is use my sim for phone calls/TXT's and get a 'Pay As You Go' LTE sim for Net access.
  13. ZaForD

    Post Which USB-C cable works with MI4C?

    As I understand it, its only when 'Charging' devices that the cables you are using becomes important. Real Type-C devices are USB 3.0 and can draw a lot more power than USB 2.0 devices.. So their cables need a higher rated resistor to protect your devices. The Mi4C is a USB 2.0 Device with a...
  14. ZaForD

    Post Mi4C from Gearbest

    jonasb_dk. Ulver. I was reading about this last week. IIRC the Mi4C is a USB 2.0 device with a Type-C connector. Whereas real Type-C devices are USB 3.0+. And real Type-C devices can draw a lot more power than USB 2.0, so they need a certain rate of resistor in the cable to protect your devices...
  15. ZaForD

    Post Coming from Android (possibly)

    jasonnt, Welcome to the Windows Phone world... Most of the issues you listed are what we've had to deal with for the last few years on both desktops and phones. And they all pretty much stem from Google refusing to release apps for the Windows Ecosystem. :(
  16. ZaForD

    Post charging mi4c through pc very slow or not charging at all?

    Its pretty much as the others have said. If the phone charges fine from a wall socket, Its most likely a PC problem. Smart phones need a lot of power to charge them, usually 1+ amp But, most PC USB ports (USB 2.0) will only give out 0.5 amp, so 'if' they charge it, it will be very slowly. A PC...
  17. ZaForD

    Post Team superluminal's CM12.1

    Good point, their probably based on the Xiaomi ROMs. Thanks for the info ;)
  18. ZaForD

    Post Lumia 950 won't turn on

    I had a Lumia 625 that was doing the something similar. Taking the back off and replacing it worked as temporary fix. I think it was the switch and button not quite lining up, but slotting in a small piece of plastic above the switch cable fixed it.
  19. ZaForD

    Post Ad block

    Thanks for the info. I haven't been around here for a while and I've clearly got a lot to catch up on :(
  20. ZaForD

    Post Team superluminal's CM12.1

    Talha7866, Thanks for the info. I might grab the phone, test the builds and report the results back to TS :) ermacwins, No, unfortunately its not free. But, it could be very cheap, as it doesn't work on the owners network and he's not willing to change. If, I have to buy my own I'll...
  21. ZaForD

    Post Ad block

    Any chance someone will get access to the system folders, so we can use a "Hosts" file? The first batch of Lumia 950/950XL's seemed to be bad, mine kept crashing and that first update bricked it. The replacement has newer version of OS and runs a lot better. While, I also like the idea of an...
  22. ZaForD

    Post Continuum Doc - alternative options

    Continuum works great with the "Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter" too, sound and vision go to the TV/Monitor and phone turns into Trackpad. Just like using the dock but less hassle and wires. :) I also tried my Roku3, it works but can be a little flaky
  23. ZaForD

    Post Team superluminal's CM12.1

    Hey Guys, Sorry for the noob'ish question, but I haven't been around here a long while and i'm very rusty :( I've been offered a Mi4C 2gb/16gb and was thinking of getting it to play with, but I'm a little worried about the warrings that these builds have not been tested on this model...
  24. ZaForD

    Post [N7 2013 WiFi | N7 2013 LTE] CF-Auto-Root

    Hi, My WiFi Nexus 7 just updated to 4.4.3 and I lost ROOT. Will the file in the first post work with 4.4.3? or is there an update coming? Thanks. :)
  25. ZaForD

    Post Has anyone actually received kit kat update yet?

    Sorry for the delay replying, I was away for the weekend. Basically I noticed the Update while checking my mail, and hit the 'Update' button and It rebooted into TRWP. I figured it would fail, so I left the Nexus down and went off to get some munchies. When I returned the screen was blank, I...
  26. ZaForD

    Post Has anyone actually received kit kat update yet?

    Mine just updated now. Really surprised me, I thought it would fail as my Nexus 7 is Unlocked, Rooted and has TRWP. But the update went without a hitch.
  27. ZaForD

    Post Hex values for themes

    I spent most of the weekrend looking for accent hex codes. I thought I'd share the ones I found/discovered. :) O2 Accent Code --> #FF0084C9 Orange Accent Code --> #FFFF6501 T-Mobile Accent Code --> #FFE30083 Vodafone Accent Code --> #FFEF001F HTC Green Accent Code --> #FF69B40F Nokia Blue...
  28. ZaForD

    Thread [Q] Ringtone Extraction

    Hi Guys, I've lost the ringtones I made up for my phone, (along with a large selection of my music collection) in a HDD failiure. :( Does anyone know of away to copy them from the phone back to my PC ? I spent alot time making up the ringtones and I'd like to avoid doing it again. Thanks.
  29. ZaForD

    Post Omnia7 no brand no logo firmware update

    Just recieved these updates too, no Interner Sharing either. :( In fact I see no difference other than build numbers? Ex UK T-Mobile Omnia 7 Sim Unlocked Un-Branded Before: PDA:I8700XXKH5 Phone:I8700XXKG2 CSC:I8700XEUJL3 OS:7.0.7720.68 Firmware:2424.11.8.5 Radio Software:2424.11.7.2...
  30. ZaForD

    Post Few questions regarding changing firmware and unlocking

    Hey Rob I had a look at the link, I don't think it'll be any help. :( There doesn't appear to be anywhere to add any new settings. Which implys the App gets the MMS settings from either: The 'Sim Card' which in our case are O2 pre-paid settings not Giffgaff. And which is the same as...
  31. ZaForD

    Post Few questions regarding changing firmware and unlocking

    Hi Rob77, WP7 phones were only just released when I got mine unlocked and that was one of only three sites I found that could unlock the Omnia. It was also the cheapest, but things have clearly changed now :) Each major update seems to brake the Chevron unlock. I don't use it myself, so i'm...
  32. ZaForD

    Post Few questions regarding changing firmware and unlocking

    Hi Rob77, My Omnia is/was a T-Mobile branded phone when I got it last October. I used these guys to get it unlocked, http://www.unlocksamsung.co.uk/ It took less than a hour. :) The XXJL3 Retail ROM is also the one I used and Yes Zune will give you the rest of the updates. :) Two things to...
  33. ZaForD

    Post [Q] wi-fi static IP

    Hi liderzre, I don't think it can be done on the phone. :( But you should be able to set your router to give the phone a Static IP. Most routers can do this by linking the MAC Address to an IP.
  34. ZaForD

    Post [Q] ChevronWP7

    I installed the Cert before trying ChervronWP7 and when it didn't work. I sent it to the phone and installed it again. Still got the same error. I'll try again on the weekend, with the same PC it worked on before (the one I updated to Mango beta on) to see if it makes any difference.
  35. ZaForD

    Post [APP] ElWPAudioBooks: How to listen to audiobooks on Windows Phone 7

    Hi Elastep, This is a great app, that works well. I've got the same error as Slothie, but its easy to work round. :) One question: Would it be possible to add/edit info for the audiobook tthat would show in the 'Overview' section on the phone?
  36. ZaForD

    Post [Q] ChevronWP7

    Its not just Mango. :( I downgraded my Omnia7 from Mango Beta to 'UK Retail' Pre-NoDo rom. And got the same error trying to run ChevronWP7.
  37. ZaForD

    Thread Skydrive Warning

    Hi Guys, Heres a little warning for you all, I've just been caught out by this. Hopefully you can all avoid this trouble. Basically my Skydrive account was suspended, which made my Omnia 7 (running Mango) almost useless. Emails still worked, but contacts wouldn't update, Twitter wouldn't...
  38. ZaForD

    Thread [Q] giffgaff + MMS

    Hi Guys, Has anyone managed to get MMS working on the Omnia 7 and giffgaff ? I found a few threads for HTC phones, but those won't work for the Omnia :( Thanks
  39. ZaForD

    Post DLNA for Mango Samsung WP7 Phones

    Its ment to ship on the Omnia W and Focus S. So maybe its only for Mango based phones :(
  40. ZaForD

    Post [APP] FIA Formula 1 2012 - [R] - 2012/04/04 - [V]

    I'm still having issues with the drivers not appearing or not scrolling. Its probably down to Mango or the akward way I upgraded (had problems with the Bootloader) I've got a jig now so i'll kill it and start again this weekend, between Quali and the Race :D Forget the Brakes and Suspension...
  41. ZaForD

    Post [APP] FIA Formula 1 2012 - [R] - 2012/04/04 - [V]

    Hi shawchyn Great App, I wish I had found it sooner. I was playing around with your the App this afternoon (after todays great race :) ) I noticed a few things you might want to look into. 1. Under Drivers, after looking at a drivers details, then hitting the back button left the drivers...
  42. ZaForD

    Post [APP] FIA Formula 1 2012 - [R] - 2012/04/04 - [V]

    Yeah, same thing here :( [Work Round] Un-installing the app and then Re-installin it fixes the problem.
  43. ZaForD

    Post UK users - Windows Phone research panel

    I'm live less than 10mins walk from Microsofts London Offices. I'm free on those dates. I've have no problems with some Advertising/PR company giving me 60 quid and/or a Suprise. But, untill they start using Normal or Anti-Social sites to get their panels, they'll have to put up 'Yes Men' and...
  44. ZaForD

    Post [Q] Cant remember password

    Theres two possible options that may work. Go online and login into your Live ID account. Under devices you should see your phone listed. There you have options to Find, Trace, Lock and Erase your phone. Try locking it, then leave it a couple of minutes and see if that lock code now unlocks it...
  45. ZaForD

    Post Samsung Update

    Good news... Everybodys getting the update. Bad News... Looks like another weekend checking for updates every couple of hours. :)
  46. ZaForD

    Post T-Mobile UK Stock Rom (PDA, Phone, CSC)

    This is just a guess, so keep a bucket of salt handy :) When the phones leave the Samsung factory they have the lastest Firmware and possibly the lastest Retail OS versions. Then when the phones arrive at the Network Provider, they wipe the 'Retail' OS and use their own 'Branded' OS image...
  47. ZaForD

    Post Changing your live ID on your phone

    Before you do a ROM change, try going to settings -> about and resetting the phone. It will clear all your data and may well stay unlocked, as its Dev Unlocked I like the fact that you can't change the Pimary ID. That way if the phone is lost, you can trace it or erase it at any time. If its...
  48. ZaForD

    Post Changing your live ID on your phone

    It depends what you mean by 'Unlocked' ? Network Unlocked = Phone is still unlocked after Reset. Developer Unlocked = Unlock it again after Rest. Chevron Unlocked = Install Cert and unlock it again after Rest. Once you reset the Phone, its on Factory Settings. So use what ever Live ID you want...
  49. ZaForD

    Post updates hardware on existing Windows phone

    Its not just the Samsung focus rev. 1.4 update. Omnia 7's on the Orange Network, seem to be getting some sort of Firmware update. And I've herd reports that LG's are getting an update too.
  50. ZaForD

    Post Samsung Update

    Has anyone other than Orange users got this update ?