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    Thread hello im new s9 user any custom stock one ui rom ?

    hello all im new here coming from s7 since here its very low going on i cant find much of roms and kernels to try im wondering if there is any custom lite rom thats based on the stock one ui 10 i really hope there is one .... and in the case there is any rom like that what is the easiest...
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    Thread Attention Some dev trying to track and scam people ????

    I got so in panick and this was pretty obvious that this developer of this Rom is tracking my phone with some hidden software ? I might be wrong but tell me this i installed this rom before 12:00 night and got sleep at 1:00 after i got a notif that someone tried to reset my password at 1:50...
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    Thread im new here pls help can i downgrade safe + ROOT ?

    hello community I had for a long time my s7 but now I decided to customize it, I'm not new into samsung but I just want to make sure I won't break or do anything bad to my phone as I won't be able to buy another one I'm just curious if I'm able to downgrade to a lower 8.0 security patch or...