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    Thread Great folding BT keyboard for $30

    I've gone through a few BT keyboards with Android tablets over the last couple of years, and I think I've found the perfect one for the N7: Perixx PERIBOARD-805, $30 at Amazon It folds to about 6x3.5" and about 1/2" thick, just a little smaller than the N7's active screen area and about as...
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    Thread Firekit LiveUSB repair kit 1.1- when you're about to kill Windows

    What it is Firekit combines all the command line tools for Kindle Fire recovery with the Ubuntu LiveUSB. All you need is a USB stick and a PC that can boot off it. All files stay on the stick, so nothing on your PC is changed. Firekit is run from the command line, but there are scripts to...
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    Thread [fastboot] stock 6.2.1 fastboot mode without rooting or cables

    All you need is working adb and fastboot on your PC. Just like doing "idme bootmode 4002" in 6.2 but working in 6.2.1. Download the attached fbmode.zip and run: adb push fbmode /data/local/tmp adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/fbmode adb shell /data/local/tmp/fbmode adb reboot Then follow...
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    Thread [ROOT][WIP] root 6.2.1 / install TWRP / unbrick any ROM

    A while back, I posted about forcing the Fire to boot over USB instead of from the internal memory. This trick requires you to open the back of your Fire, but after that the only tool you need is a pair of tweezers, sharp scissors, bent paperclip, or anything else with a fine point that can...
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    Thread [BOOT] FIREFIREFIRE 1.2 - bootloader with recovery selection

    0Gc5i6XXvEo This is a replacement bootloader so you can get into recovery with just the one power button. It's very simple to use, just turn on the Fire, and when the logo pops up press the power button. FIREFIREFIRE also makes fastboot easy. For a few seconds on every boot, fastboot is...
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    Thread [BOOT] Worse news (was "Bad news everyone.")

    I now have proof that the Nook Tablet is efuse locked and bootloaders signed. We can only boot signed bootloaders, kernels, and ramdisks from microSD. Don't buy this if you expect any real development to happen on it. The only possible way is through kexec, and that's a lot of trouble to go...
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    Thread [GPL SAUCE] KF source up

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    Thread [CWM][ROOT] Flash CWM recovery to locked tab with ODIN

    ***WARNING*** Before you do this, remember that it's your $500+ toy and your responsibility, not mine. I'm just this guy, you know? Here's a quick way to get Clockworkmod on a locked (and even unlocked) Tab: -Get this ODIN flashable CWM for GTab 10.1 WiFi. This is only for the WiFi...
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    Thread [USBHOST] DIY USB Host dongle

    Problem, Samsung? Recipe: 1 dock connector from Kineteka 2 10k ohm resistors - needs to be 20k, a single 22k is too much 1 donor USB extender cable Various heat shrink, tape, etc to taste Pinout here. With the connector plugged into the Tab, and the Tab oriented with the chat camera on...
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    Thread [RECOVERY][BOOT][WIP] Boot CWM over USB - no SD needed

    Want to root but don't have a microsd card reader? Is the 8 failed boot trick leaving you tired and bloated? Have you had nightmares of Winimage drinking all your beer and stealing your car? Help is on the way. This pile of utilities, images, and scripts will boot your Nook into CWM recovery...
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    Thread [Q] TF AC adapter safety hazard

    I'd heard some people mention that they had been getting little electric shocks from the TF while plugged in. I experienced this a few minutes ago with the TF plugged into my dock which was plugged into the charger. I think I found out why... I got my multimeter out and connected the negative...
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    Thread [DEV] Hardware observations

    Post here about anything you might have found out about the internal NookColor hardware. Here's one to start with: Look at dmesg under Android. The wireless driver is TIWLAN, and a little Googling correlates the line "Chip ID is 0x4030111" with a WL1271, a TI part with 802.11b/g/n, bluetooth...
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    Thread [UTILITY] Nooter 0.2 - Root your NC

    Now that we have our own forum, time to stake a claim. Nooter is an image that's loaded to a microSD card that can boot the Nook Color into a basic Linux environment. It automatically enables adb and turns off ro.secure on bootup, so no interaction is necessary to get root. Nooter sets up the...