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    Thread Return to manufacturer

    Hey all, I've been experiencing the dreaded LG freezes and reboots. Coming from CM, I used NVFlash to go back to stock, stock recovery, stock rom, etc. I've got it all packed up to send to LG tomorrow for a warranty repair, I'll keep you posted and tell you how it goes, because I know a lot of...
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    Thread Swype beta updated!

    Attention Wildfire users! Swype has been updated to use QVGA resolutions, and therefore supports the Wildfire! ... And it looks pretty! Sign up for the beta here now! (As an added bonus, UK English dictionaries!) Happy swyping! As seen on the XDA Portal! FAQ / Issues Q: After reboot...
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    Thread [Q] UOT Kitchen help?

    After using UOT Kitchen, my lockscreen tabs are messed up. I found the culprit files, jog_tab_bar_right/left_pressed.9.png, and I replaced them with the ones from the stock framework, using apktool, however, the resulting file still had incorrect lockscreen tabs! Can anyone help?
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    Thread [BOOTSCREEN] Porting bootscreens

    Alright, so I got bored, and decided I would start porting bootscreens from other ROMs, the other guy who was doing this had "work" commitments :P Mario: Waving Droids: Nexus:Credits to anhedonix CyanogenMod Nexus:Credits to anhedonix CyanogenMod 6: You can just flash them, post any...
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    Thread [APP] Torch Layout Fix

    If you use the Torch app, you'd notice the button is a bit mis-shaped... So I went ahead and made a fix (Changing one value counts as fix? :P) Before: After: Instructions : 1- Flash "CM6.1-torch-layout-fix-signed.zip" under Clockwork Recovery. 2- Reboot 3- Enjoy! ;D Note: This was built...