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    Thread help, cracked screen

    the big problem the digitizer works, but on the left top cracked i have this term but i dont know what this situation, i attached 2 pics and the original term from here was buyed i think...
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    Thread Delete .apk file after install?

    I had a P7 before, but this function didnt founded, googled these but didnt found any trick, is there any chance adding this function? Tapatalkkal küldve az én EVA-L09 eszközömről
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    Thread bricked z2 maybe?

    hi, my bro gave a z2 but i dont know what the error, before starts the phone and stuck to sony logo xperia and nothing was happened, now only flash to the top with red flashes and didnt power up and not charging, only testing with pc, didnt have ac charger, i have win10 x64 maybe its another...
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    Thread xposed for lollipop

    is that works on 5.1.1? because this version sdk22 api, i saw sdk22 version on xposed section but i dont know if flash the files on recovery what will be happening, please test anyone... thx