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  1. Sam_11

    Thread Display defect - data rescue?

    Hi, my PH-1 has a waterdamaged display, so i bought a Inspira Hdmi Adapter to rescue my Data. Unfortunatly i´ve installed the 8.0 Beta and the Hdmi adapter only works on 7.1.1 or 8.1. Any suggestions to up- or downgrade my system without Display?
  2. Sam_11

    Thread Sprint Bad ESN outside USA

    Hi, what du you think, can i use a sprint essential with bad ESN outside the USA? Are they globally unlocked like the Motorola Verizon devices?
  3. Sam_11

    Thread Moto Turbo = Moto Maxx?

    Hello, are the Moto Maxx and the Moto Turbo the same devices? Can i flash moto turbo images on the moto maxx? If i can flash the image, will i have 800 and 900MHz frequency on the moto maxx?
  4. Sam_11

    Thread German language support

    Hi, please can anyone check if there is german language support in the System available. Thanks
  5. Sam_11

    Thread 19.6.3 update failed - file missing

    Hallo, updating my rooted Droid Mini to 19.6.3 failed due to an Error, script aborted:"system/priv-app/BackupAssistanceClient.odex": No such file or directory. Can anyone send me this file from a Droid Mini. Thanks
  6. Sam_11

    Thread RAZR i stuck in Demo Mode

    Hi, i´ve a problem with a RAZR i, it stuck in Demo Mode. USB debugging and recovery is disabled by Demo Mode. RSD Lite fails after 10sec. Any ideas?
  7. Sam_11

    Thread FM radio?

    Hi, is there a undocumented fm radio in the RAZR M like in the RAZR I?