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    Thread [ROM][Odin] Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950U Stock RC2

    First, disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any problems anyone has flashing or for anyone's device. This is the RC2 release ROM for the Note 8, SM-N950U. I was able to download the ROM, and am uploading it here. This ROM requires Odin version 3.11 or newer. This is a five segment ROM, BL + AP +...
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    Thread [ROM][TWRP](Stock? PL1) Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge SM-J327P

    Hello J3 Pop users. I have here a "backup" of the PL1 firmware made using TWRP. This flash procedure may be necessary if one can not flash the Odin ROM because of any number of failures (there seems to be a common problem with this). I am not positive if this is stock, or pre-rooted. If you're...
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    Thread Moisture sensor too sensitive.

    I can leave my note 8 in a humid room (such as the bathroom during a shower), and it will trigger the device to say that there's moisture in the device. Recently, i even had it in my pocket while I was working, port down, and it still triggered. The device can sit on a desk in the living room or...
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    Thread [ROM][Odin] Sprint Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950U Stock ROM Initial Release QH7

    This ROM is already available on SamMobile, but for those of you who prefer to avoid that hassle, here you go. First, disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any problems anyone has flashing or for anyone's device. I'm hoping that this will get devs a starting point, and for anyone who's bricked...
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    Thread [ROM][Odin](Stock PL1) (QI1 linked)Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge SM-J327P

    This is the Odin ROM of the PL1 software for the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge. It was pulled from Smart Switch, which is the replacement to Kies. This is specifically for the SM-J327P for Sprint. It would appear that Boost and Virgin Mobile variants can be flashed as they are used on Sprint's...
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    Thread Odin ROM of PL1 update

    This is the Odin ROM for the PL1 update. Requires the the use of Odin, computer, and USB cable to use. This is the stock ROM pulled from Samsung Kies3. I've flashed it inside Odin, and it upgraded my device without wiping contents, but I cannot promise the same result for everyone. To (re)root...
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    Thread ROM for Odin of PH1 update

    This is the Odin flashables for the PH1 update retrieved from Kies3. I find it different that the ROM is in four files, and I don't know how to combine them. You will actually need to select all four check boxes in Odin 3.11 or newer, and select the correct files based on their prefixes. Just a...
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    Thread TWRP (custom recovery) ROM of stock, pre-rooted PH1 update

    This is a Backup of the PH1 ROM's system and modem partitions. This is a Pre-Rooted ROM with the SD Card write permissions fix. This is different from my other post in those two differences. You will need a custom recovery to install this ROM...
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    Thread TWRP (custom recovery) ROM of stock, non-rooted PH1 update

    This is a Backup of the PH1 ROM's system and modem partitions. Excepting the recovery, this is a stock ROM, without the SD card fix or root. You will need a custom recovery to install this ROM. (http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-3-sprint/general/how-to-root-note-3-lollipop-t3089382) Always...
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    Thread [ROM] TWRP stock pre-rooted flash of OK2 for N900P

    This is a prerooted stock ROM of the OK2 update. It also has the sd card fix patch applied. This ROM requires installing a custom recovery on your device, which will trip Knox. All operations are done at your own risk I would advise against flashing the EFS partition unless you know yours is...
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    Thread Android Pay error on rooted devices.

    Ok, So i got the new updates from Google Wallet to the new Google Wallet and Android Pay. When I attempted to setup Android Pay, I received the error that my device couldn't be "verified as being compatible." A little browsing turned up some information that Android Pay doesn't like rooted...
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    Thread How to root Note 3 on Lollipop

    Pretty easily done with Odin and TWRP. ALERT! This will void whatever warranty you have. Also, I am not at fault if your phone comes to life..... or dies. Just need to download Odin (there are forums all over for finding the files.) Download the TWRP recovery flash file...
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    Thread Lollipop Pre-Rooted TWRP Flash

    What we have hare is a TWRP flashable of Lollipop that is pre-rooted, and will only overwrite the "System," "Boot," and "Modem" partitions. I performed a factory reset before performing the backup anyways. It will not overwrite the EFS, data, or cache partitions, so previously installed apps...
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    Thread Lollipop factory upgrade zip.

    Here is the factory update zip. One may be able to flash it from stock recovery (will need to be renamed to "update.zip"), but no promises. I'm hoping a dev can take advantage of it. update note 3 lollipop.zip https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2iEgzRTFjrQN2g4OTlpM19IUDQ/edit?usp=docslist_api
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    Thread [ROM] Stock SM-T210R 4.1.2 JellyBean Odin Flash

    This is the official stock 4.1.2 ROM for the SM-T210R. This is a complete Odin Flash for the UPDATED 4.1.2 flash, not the initial release. Flashing back to this ROM might be necessary if running a custom ROM, and having problems installing the KitKat update, but no guarantees can be made. The...
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    Thread [ROM] Stock SM-T210R 4.1.2 JellyBean TWRP flash

    This is the official stock 4.1.2 ROM for the SM-T210R. Only requirement is to have a custom recovery (TWRP was used, but others might be compatible). The provided folder and its files need to be extracted using 7zip (or supportable extractor) to the tab's SD card in the "/TWRP/Backups/<device...
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    Thread Root SM-T210/R using Heimdall

    I took a little time playing around with Heimdall. It's....... different. I have taken the time to simplify some of the steps for everyone, and built the required file myself. I used TWRP "img" file from their website. All development credit go to TeamWin, I've just converted it to...
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    Thread Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Victory Stock ROM collection

    This is a collection of three Stock ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Victory . These ROMs were made using TWRP, and require a custom recovery to flash. These ROMs require a torrent client (such as utorrent) to download.
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    Thread [ROM] Tab 3 7.0 SM-T210/R Stock 4.4.2 KitKat Update

    This is the stock US KitKat ROM for The Galaxy Tab 3 7" Tablet. Finally found it after a bunch of hassle online, and figured I'd post it here to make things easier for everyone. When I Odin'd this ROM, it actually upgraded my tablet, and left all my items installed (not guaranteeing this will...