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    Post [THEME]PUI THEME OOS11 Open Beta 5

    I meant the author of this thread lol
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    Post [THEME]PUI THEME OOS11 Open Beta 5

    There's only one version which is the link you provided in the thread. I managed to fix this by removing all magisk modules via adb so ye.
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    Post [THEME]PUI THEME OOS11 Open Beta 5

    My device says System UI keeps crashing and refused to allow me to open magisk and remove the module. Help me!
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    Post [Module] OOS 11 ModPack

    Hey, I quite like your work. But may I request you to make a mod for Oneplus Game Space such that I can launch any applications in small windows while gaming? (Like Miui, Oneui) My thread asking for it: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-to-modify-oneplus-game-space.4293303/ Thanks alot
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    Thread How to modify Oneplus Game Space?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering how you can modify and change apps from game space while in a game. For example, I want to replace whatsapp with Facebook, how do I do that? Because I can't see such settings in oneplus. You can see it in the picture shown below (Top right corner)