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    Thread Boot img for June

    Anyone who has June rooted can you post a boot img ? My patched imgs arent working.
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    Thread March boot image

    Anybody who successfully rooted March can you post your boot image ? And share which magisk you used ?
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    Thread nougat backup

    can somebody post a twrp nougat backup for me ? im googlelooped from ota file i flashed on twrp from 6.01. i tried an old backup, 3 different images, n preview then sideloaded ota, wiped everything i can think of. flashed 6.0 6.01 roms, did images img by img used tool kit. i once did boot up but...
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    Thread statusbar icon

    what is this star ? edit, priority notifications
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    Thread inverted themes

    now ive been searching all over google and xda. im on 4.4.4 gpe and i just want some inverted gapps. besides flashing aosp or sense does anybody know a way to theme gpe ?
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    Thread quick setting tiles

    ive googled, searched xposed and still cannot find a way to mod the quick tiles color. i have gravity but that dont do color. any suggestions for easy mod ?
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    Thread att ruu

    on the att forum theres an att 1.58 ruu listed just a fyi
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    Thread att data

    just a lil wtf moment. at the bank 1/4 mile from home, speedtested gpe converted with dev radio 25 mbps. at home 6 mbps. never bad cell traffic here, i just cant replicate that at home. wtf ! anybody got any apn tricks , tweaks or anything to help.
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    Thread htc photo edit app

    anyone have that app working on gpe ? just curious, i know sense camera dont work but htc service pack and tv remote work.
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    Thread extract stock radio

    will somebody with stock att do this and upload their radio ? the file is like 75 mbs. have to do it in terminal To extract your radio image, do the following commands. adb shell su (if needed to get a #) dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p20 of=/sdcard/mmcblk0p20 exit You'll find the radio image...
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    Thread [Q] att radio

    ok ive asked in numerous threads and posts, who has att radio ? zip or img i dont care
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    Thread kitkat icon missing

    im running converted att gpe . my kitkat logo from usb notification is gone. ive tried every thing, mtp, camera, debugging on/off. wth !
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    Thread request

    somebody upload htc photo edit app ? cant find one anywhere
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    Thread [Q] camera apk

    do we know if senses camera works on gpe ? if so can somebody upload one ? or even the htc photo edit app
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    Thread [Q] att sim unlock

    Ive got gpe converted att one, s off unlocked bootloader, super cid My question , do i return to any stock sense to sim unlock ? I have code from att.
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    Thread att icons (help its consuming me)

    HI, im running blackjelly 1.2 ge on my att htc one. its supercid unlocked and all that. how can i get att 4g icons! i tried xposed, systemui trick ( doing it wrong ) changing cid back to att. does somebody have a zip i can flash or a mod i dont know about ?
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    Thread [Q] hide att logo

    Ive got unlocked s-off super cid running clean rom 1.1 Would really like a easy way to remove att logo without an app.( not a noob, more of a troll on here )