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  1. Anish Louis

    Thread Question How can i Unlock the device using fingerprint for the first unlock after restart without pattern.

    Hi. After restarting the device, it wants us to pattern unlock for the first time. (Eventho i have fingerprint, it wont accept it). Why all roms want tis kind of method as first unlock after the restart. Just curious to know tat is there any method to bypass this.😁
  2. Anish Louis

    Thread A/B Partition Scheme in Redmi note 10.

    Can anyone explain me what means "The A/B virtual partition scheme on Redmi note 10. Heard that because of that partition scheme twrp and oragefox are hard to get on redmi note 10. I think this kind of partition is not present in Note 10 Pro or pro max. Is there any reason why they put this kind...
  3. Anish Louis

    Thread Question Is Microg is device specified?

    I want to install crdroid vanilla custom rom. I want to know whether microg is device specified like custom roms. I have a redmi note 10. Is there any specified micro g for redmi note 10 or can i install any mciro g. Also please suggest which is better from microg, nanodroid, nikgapps. I am...
  4. Anish Louis

    Thread What is Vanilla custom roms?

    Hi. I am new to xda and android. I just want to know what is vanilla type custom roms. i know it doesnt have gapps. right? (that we need to flash gapps separately) By why some devs make gapps separately, i mean cant they include it in their custom roms. I also know there are gpps included...
  5. Anish Louis

    Thread Question Redmi Note 10. Dot OS CAMERA BUG.

    Hi. New to xda developers. I just flashed DOT OS ON MY REDMI NOTE 10 (SUNNY). But its having video recordning bug like all custom roms available now. Will flashing gcam will solve this?. Or is there any other apks which support the quad cameras. I love custom roms, and hate to go back to miui. P