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    Hello. I bought this for this function and waiting for so long. Many news saying it is working in us and some europe countries but i am from georgia and cant use. Please help me out on this do i need changing csc and how to do it or something else ?
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    Thread GWA2 SS VERSION Screen scratches repair help ?!

    Hello. I have scratched my gwa2 ss version screen. Can anyone help me out on this. 1. Gorilla glass dx + - what material is made of ? 2. Which polishing or anything material to buy ? 3. If you had same problem how did you fixed it ? 4. Should i go to professional jewelry service for polishing...
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    Thread SM-N960U how to update android 10 without root?

    Hello. I am really noob at this stuff but i am stuck with 9.0 version and really would like to update. Can someone help me out here. I need instructions on SM-N960U how to update android 10 without root step by step. Thanks
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    Thread My BP LAB 2.2.2 issue

    Hello. I was trying to connect my active 2 44mm watch to my bp lab and i get an error that i cant use it in my country. Can u help me out
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    Thread Note 9 SM-N960U1 PIE UPDATE ?!

    HELLO. i have samsung galaxy note 9 sm-n960u1 8.1 oreo installed. When i check for pie updates it doesnt shows any. Please does anyone know when it will be released for this build or how can i install it. Scrolling in threads i only fount at&t version with odin installation. Is there any guide...
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    Thread battery drain after an update to tizen 3.0.1

    Hi. I just bought gear s3 and as i started it updated to 3.0.1 version and in 1 night about 6 hours it was 70 % and when i woke up it got 15%. Please help how to disable s health app becouse of a batarry drain
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    Thread Is there any chance that an oreo update will make knox 0x0 again ??

    hi all. Is there any chance that an oreo update will make knox 0x0 again ?? I am asking this becouse u know what problems does the warranty void. i installed from odin uk btu version of official sam firmware and have access to updates but hardly passed through the s health problem. i searched...