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    Thread Just bought a used unlocked AT&T Fold 2, how difficult to flash TMobile Rom?

    The phone is working fine, calls, texts, even 5g. But I'm not getting any updates. It's still on Android 10 and One UI 2.5. I went to Samsung Members and wasn't given the opportunity to update, or join the beta, and when I go to Updates, it say my phone is up to date. I also tried to update with...
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    Thread Casting Samsung TV to phone (not phone to tv)

    I have a series 8 Samsung TV, and an S10. I saw a video from 2018 where a guy was casting what was on his TV to his phone. I know how to do it the other way, phone to tv, but I want to do the opposite, tv to phone. I tried selecting "smart view" from the quick settings buttons, but I'm only...
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    Thread UG007ii Keeps powering off

    I have stock jellybean and this thing was working great for about a month, and now when ever I do anything semi processor intensive, the stick powers off. The little blue light turns off and stays off. If I unplug it and plug it back in, it works fine for a bit, but then powers off again...
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    Thread Has anyone here come over from Sprint?

    Im in the Los Angeles area and after 10 years of being with Sprint, Ive finally come to my wits end. The data is awful. Ive had a ppc6600, ppc 6700, HTC Diamond, Treo 800w, Palm Pre, Samsung Moment, HTC Evo, Evo3d, Galaxy S2, and S3. Ive been a sprint advocate for years now, probably gotten at...
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    Thread Large portion of screen unresponsive

    Have had my touchpad since the fire sale and all of a sudden an entire posrtion of the screen has completely stopped working. From the action button all the way up to the camera, about an inch wide. It does this in webos and aneroid. Anyone else experience this? I guess I'm gonna have to send it...
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    Thread ICS update from sprint STUCK IN BOOTLOOP!

    This is amazing, I just got a replacement ET4G from sprint. I was hesitant to flash anything, cuz my last one bricked, blue light, completley dead. So I was waiting for something to tickle my fancy IE a stable JB rom, or maybe just boredom. I woke up this morning, and low and behold... the...
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    Thread A Couple Questions about ICS, CM9 and Nandroids

    I just got my replacement(after a hard brick trying JB) and I've got a few questions before I brick this one too: 1. Ive decided to odin EL29 EVERY TIME I want to flash a new rom, just to be safe. If I use CMW with EL29 and decide to try out CM9, Do I always need to flash a aokp kernel? Or is...
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    Thread If your phone is hard bricked, can sprint repair tech recover it?

    Yep, I messed up.....long story, but wondering if phone is truly hard bricked, does sprint have a way to recover the phone? Or can they tell I was rooted?
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    Thread I read, I watched, I searched, I bricked(Hard)

    So just got this phone a couple of weeks ago. I feel like Im no stranger to rooting/flashing, but obviously Im no expert. Ive flashed custom roms on ppc6600, ppc6700, Treo 600w, HTC Diamond, Palm Pre(rooted it, no roms), Samsung Moment, Hero, Evo 4g, Evo 3d, Hp touchpad, and for a few weeks my...
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    Thread New HBO go app in market for tablets

    works great on the touchpad! finally.....
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    Thread hbo go for ics in market, but not on touchpad

    Is it showing up for anyone else? I'm gonna try to transfer from my evo 3d and see if it works, but wanted to see if maybe it was a build.prop issue, or something else. Edit: nope, transferred from my phone, it installed fine, but when I open it, it says hbogo is not supported on this device...
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    Thread opera mobile now has flash......BUT...

    Just like the title says, but everytime I load a flash site, it crashes and goes right to my home screen. Can someone else try it out to verify its not just me??
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    Thread Youtube app all of a sudden force closing today????

    Anyone having trouble with the YouTube app? Everytime I load a video it force closes. Was working fine yesterday. I uninstalled, cleared data and cache, then wiped dalvic and cache in cmw, reflashed gapps, etc. Nothing fixes it. I searched on Google and it appears Asus transformer users with ics...
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    Thread Cm9 alpha 0 is here!

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    Thread Camera from HTCAmaze(from Evo3d GSM forums)

    Not sure if this should be posted here, but considering it needs some development, and it is in the GSM dev forums, I figured it should go here. Anyway, a couple of days ago I installed V2 and it worked pretty good, but had a few force closes. At that time there was .apk's to install. Now...
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    Thread [Q] Gmail app stuck on loading conversations(SOLVED)

    Recently, whenever I try to search in the gmail app, it gets stuck on loading conversations and never finishes. After a few days of this I went to trash, all mail, and starred, and the same thing happens. The mail never loads, and its stuck on loading conversations. My inbox is loading fine, and...
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    Thread Kiosk in mall devoted to Evo??????

    Sorry if this is old news, but I was in 2 malls this week doing some christmas shopping, and saw kiosks devoted ONLY to the Evo. There were about 6 Evos on display and 2 big evos like the iphones in the apple store. Funny thing was, one of them was setup right in-front of the apple store. Im...
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    Thread Anyone here have any experience with the Lenovo s10-3t?

    I have the opportunity to get a lenovo with the bigger battery, more RAM and windows 7pro on it for $370 off Craigslist. I'm trying to decide between this, and a gtablet. I love the thought of having windows, but I'm just not sure about it working good with a touch screen, or if the lenovo is...
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    Thread Does the G Tablet Have GPS?

    Sorry if this has been asked, I saw a video on youtube that said it did. So does have built in GPS? p.s. search is temporarily down.
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    Thread [Q] Is there some setting I need to get the browser working with 4g?

    I've recently been getting scattered 4g in los angeles. At my house I have 2bars now and when using the speedtest app in the market I've been getting anywhere from 3mbps to 6mbps. But when I use the browser, its REALLY slow. Most of the time it won't even finish loading the page. The progress...
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    Thread anyone else having force closes with Google maps today?

    All of a sudden outta nowhere, Google maps has been force closing on me. I searched it on Google and there is a thread over in the Samsung vibrant forums where a lot of people are having the same issue. It was working fine yesterday. Can anyone else check and post your results?
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    Thread To those with 003 and Epson and applied the fix......Well?

    Was all the fuss about the cap worth it? Aside the screen tearing, is there really a noticeable difference? Do games run better? Is scrolling really smoother?