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    Thread Battery discussion

    On 4.4.4 I used to be able to get 5-5:30 ost but since updating it to lollipop and beyond I nearly get 4-4:30 I want to know if anybody els has been getting this issue or how to fix it and yes all the bells and whistles are turned off
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    Thread lollipop battery

    It seems that with the new update I am getting less battery life then when kit Kat I have everything the same expect no root and I would usually get around 5 1/2 battery life on kit Kat with root but now I'm nearly getting 4? And I already factory reset it and it's still the same any help ?
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    Thread sometimes i cant recive sms/calls help

    in stock rom sometimes out of nowhere I cant receive calls or sms notifications, like it just happens randomly and I don't notice because I just stop getting sms and I just think they don't reply. like im right next to someone and if I feel im not receiving things I ask someone to text me or...