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    Thread Mi A2 - Problems with storage / downloads / Apps

    I have a brand new Mi A2, which I updated to Android 9, I unlocked the bootloader, and installed Magisk. I let Google take all my Apps and settings from backup (from an old phone; RedMi 3). All looks fine but loads of problems with (I guess) storage!? I cannot download anything, I cannot make a...
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    Thread [HTC One SV] Very bad reception / radio

    My friend has am HTC One SV K2_UL which has VERY bad reception / radio (only 1 bar of 5 most of the time)! I now first updated OTA to all newest software/firmware, and after that hit it with TWRP, root and ViperSV 1.6.0 but to no avail. Does he has the best/newest radio for his...
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    Thread [Q] Touchscreen mirrored / inversed X- & Y-axis

    URGENT, PLEASE HELP: I bought a replacement digitizer/glass for my Acer Liquid E3 / E380 as it has been broken (only the glass) for months now. It has a different chip but has the Acer brand on top. Problem: I placed the new digitizer and all touch is REVERSED / MIRRORED! Up is down and down is...
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    Thread [Official] Acer Liquid E3 / E380 / ALE3

    Hackwerk's Acer Liquid E3 (E380) / ALE3 Topic Made by Hackwerk: Feel totally free to press the Thanks button if you like my work. Took a lot of my time! ;) Post simple/stupid/IDoNotUnderstand questions in the Q&A subthread (button under thread title) please! -- THIS TOPIC IS NO LONGER...
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    Thread [GT540] Casing / housing

    Anyone else has the problem that the side-casing on the right side comes off with the LG GT540 Optimus? The Micro-USB port and latch is there too, which causes the whole side to 'click off' quite fast. :mad: I cannot push it back (seems to large?!). Anyone with a solution? :confused:
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    Thread Network traffic monitor (GPRS etc)

    Are there any custom roms with a network traffic monitor, so I can view (or even control / cut off) network traffic (live and cumulative) of my phone splitted by GPRS, WiFi etc. etc.? Or else a seperate program to install (freeware)?