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    Post [Port][8.0]Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Port with working AR3D and My Emoji [08.Nov.2018]

    ja. seems that u need to be rooted. how is the installation. Is it : install magisk go to twrp install the camera from twrp and enjoy?
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    Post Good camera for the Samsung S9

    Yes, thanks. I was just wondering if it was possible one that was not Google.
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    Thread Good camera for the Samsung S9

    hello. I have installed lineageos+microG in my Samsung S9 and I have some issues with slow motion with the open camera. Is there another camera apk that could be installed and full functinallity for it? thanks in advanced
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    Thread how to unbrick OP3T in Ubuntu 20.04

    is there anyone that can advise me how to reinstall the OTA in my OP3T where there is nothing install. TWRP says when I try to wipe all , that is unable to mount it. Now I have not system at all, and I am trying to reinstall the OTA from OnePlus. How can I introduce the OTA in twrp so I can...
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    Post [Magisk] OOS camera for 3rd party ROMs

    do I need to be root for installing it?
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    Post [ROM][LineageOS][Android 10.0.0_r41]TugaPower™ 12.0

    link Link doesnt work
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    Post less Google in a ROM

    AAAHHH you mean that their ROM is in Pie.... OOOkay, but it works I guess anyway. Another custom ROM with the less possible of Google. Syberian that was my favourite I just find out that has so many things from Google, and the Havoc that I love to, has camera and maybe some other things from...
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    Post less Google in a ROM

    In my opinion they are copyng and pasting cause everything is open source and mostly free, so. i dont understand the only on A9? I am not saying /e/ foundation is bad, but I have read multiple places that state they are basically copying and pasting code with out giving props to whoever...
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    Post less Google in a ROM

    [And I will like to know which ROM are for the ONEPLUS 6 QUOTE=pekas;83557313]thanks again. I just wanna ask you why will you avoid efoundation??
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    Post less Google in a ROM

    thanks again. I just wanna ask you why will you avoid efoundation??
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    Thread oos camera in lineageos 17

    I am trying to install oos camera in the OP6 from the apk store into my lineage. and when it is download in the phone, I can open the app, but the screen keeps black and cant see anything. anyones knows how to use oos camera in the lineageOS??
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    Thread less Google in a ROM

    hello. I have a question. which is the custom ROM with less from Google? Thanks
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    Thread recovery mode doesnt bring any menu

    hello I have a google pixel 1 in android 10 . Dont know if it is bought in verizon or where. I am in Europe. when trying to enter in recovery mode menu after been in android laying down image with red triangle, and pressing power botton and volume up, I never get a recovery menu, except blue...
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    Post Fastest and more stable ROM?

    e/ foundation I will say
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    Post [ROM] JAGUAR OREO 8.1 ONEPLUS 5T OFFICIAL - Updated November 14

    I really will apprecciate that you opgrade this ROM to pie in this device. I think is one of the most awesome ROMs. thanks for your work
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    Post [ROM]--[OOS-CAM]-Havoc-OS-[Official]--[18.8][8.1]

    camera oos installed keep crashing . firmware h2oOS 10. using the last version of havocOS
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    Post [EOL][ROM][10.0][CAF][OP5] Just CAF

    I have been using before OOS 9. so is not possible to install it? why is that that I have to be in OOS 10? and why to clear vendor also?? thanks if you answer
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    Thread sim card in my phone with any rom and the phone boot by it self constantly

    hello is there any one that knows why can be that my OP5 keeps booting anytime that I introduce the sim card in any of the ROMs that I have install?? what can I do about it?? thanks
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    Post [EOL][ROM][10.0][CAF][OP5] Just CAF

    I am in havoc now. can I just change to CAF ?? I might clear vendor really??
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    Post havoc OS imposible to install

    ok. likely I did it. I had to install OOS again and let it be with it for somedays and then , change again to Havoc, and pom, install. but now happens that when I am using the sim card, havoc, crash and reboot after some seconds with the card in. any help??
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    Post [ROM][9.0][OnePlus6][OFFICIAL]Syberia Project

    hello i have just download syberia in my OP6 and I can see that it has not any browser. how can I install a browser?? the installation is without GAPPS, and I dont want to install it. thanks
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    Thread havoc OS

    hello I am using havocOS in my op5 , and it works perfect until I introduce the sim card. when the sim is in the phone switch off it self and then boot again and againa and again. anyone knows where to write the bug where the question should be?? thanks to all
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    Post [ROM] [10] OP5/5T Validus / GZOSP|| 10 Stable || 04/09

    I allways do it without GAPPS strange
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    Thread camera in msm extended

    hello using the camera in msm extended in my op5t seems that I cant make a video in slow motion. is it a bug from the rom or from the lineage os camera??
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    Post Need Stable Android 10 Based Custom ROM with Stock OP5 Camera.

    Is there more of them?? more options than Havoc??
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    Post [ROM] [10] OP5/5T Validus / GZOSP|| 10 Stable || 04/09

    sure I am using a 5T with a clean instalation, deleting data , calvik, cache and system and also internal storage. I have been trying to install both, GZOSP and Validus. Not any of them response. Both keeps in the picture and never booting. the telefon had a 9.0 android OS.
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    Post [ROM] [10] OP5/5T Validus / GZOSP|| 10 Stable || 04/09

    gets stuck in the image and it doesnt boot and anything...
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    Post Most security and private degoogle Rom

    No. I dont. cause I am not even using microG
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    Post Most security and private degoogle Rom

    no, I dont ned that for my purpose. most of the things work without GAPPS and microG, so why I should use it??
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    Post Camera app stability on custom ROM's

    thats too sad, cause getting a new version phone is caused mostly you wanna have a great camera too, isnt? otherwise, why to buy a such a expensive phone when the quality of the pictures is like some years ago??
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    Post Most security and private degoogle Rom

    what is the needto downloadGAPPS for, because my main thing is to deggogle the phone??
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    Post [Magisk] [Port] OnePlus6 OOS Camera

    how is the video 4K at 60fps? is it working now or still doesnt??
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    Post Most security and private degoogle Rom

    That sounds great. I am just afraid that I am not really sure how much I have to delete from the device. Of course all the apps, but dont really know about apps that keep sending info to Google. maybe if you can help me with that ? thanks for your answer black_file
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    Thread havoc OS imposible to install

    hello I am trying to install Havoc OS in my device, I have been using the last version of Havoc 20200708 witout GAPPS . I am using the last version 3.4 of TWRP. it keeps booting after has start for some seconds. is there anyone that knows a bit more what it can be happening?? please fix it
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    Thread come back to oos after custom rom will keep oos camera like from factory?

    this is a question cause I might say that I know less now than I knew before, I am not sure anymore about anything. oh man , I am just soo must lost
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    Thread OmniRom downloads md5sum

    hello I am trying to download OmniRom, but anytime that I check the md5sum in linux, it doesnt give me the same number result. is it possible to download one that is correct?? thanks
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r30][Oneplus 6] ♦ Syberia Project V2.2 ♦ [UNOFFICIAL][15/01/2019]

    how is the rom going? Has OP try to close this thread also??
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    Post Camera app stability on custom ROM's

    have u find something out there??
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    Thread Most security and private degoogle Rom

    Hello there I just got an OP6 and I am reeeeeally looking forward to flash a custom ROM. But first, I will like to know some of your opinion. I am so much in trying to get a custom ROM that is simple and sends has less info to Google or big companies. I like LineageOS for the simplicity and you...
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [AOKP 9.0/Pie] [cheeseburger] AOKP Pie for OnePlus 5

    Using OP5 with AOKP when trying to change the icon shape in OmniSwitch, it doesnt work. ---------- Post added at 05:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:33 PM ---------- usingOP5 when trying to open all the apps from home, for example, wiping from the bottom -up , it allways click like if...
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    Thread why developers are not focusing more in sailfishOS?

    I was just wondering why sailfishOS has still really bad apps. and why is not developers are doing more apps for this amazing OS? just wondering
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    Post stuck in image

    done I got it . I just flash it again and again, and it has work .
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    Thread stuck in image

    RESOLVED!!!!!!!!!!! hello. after using HO OS in my OP5, i have try to download a custom ROM again, but for example the stock zip ROM doesnt recognize it and not even the lineageOS one. I have try with other ones like e/ and slim and arrow, and it gets stuck in th epicture of the ROM. I am...
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    Post [ROM][LineageOS][Android 8.1.0r52][OMS] TugaPower™ 30.0

    hello thanks for your work. are still updates for the ROM??