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    Thread Run old game (adventures of tintin) on rn3

    Hey guys. I wanted to install the old game. the adventures of tintin. this game is released 4 5 years ago. I have tested many versions of it. in best situation game is worked but the menu is balck. I used an old aderno version data files. at that time there was no snapdragon 650. some versions...
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    Thread Redmi note 3 pro Lcd highcopy or original price and quality, Have Experience ?

    Hi everybody. I got redmi note 3 pro kenzo about 8 months ago. recently it fell from my hand and the lcd was broken. as where i live it is more expensive than other countries. i have to buy it online and shipping to my uncle in europe (madrid) then get it. so there is a problem. i have no idea...
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    Thread Important: C9 pro QCN file

    Hey everybody. At first I'm going to explain my problem. I'm living in Iran,middle east and using xiaomi redmi note 3 pro. I need your QCN backup file. Here my phone xiaomi (all of the models) can't connect to internet data via 4g+ because it can't aggregate band 3 and band 7 together. for this...
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    Thread [Q] desire x doesn't turn on .

    Hi guys, i have a desire x and i have a problem ! today the phone turned off because the battery was low. Now i can't turn it on again. phone wasn't root. and power button + volume down don't work for recovery menu . When the phone is connected to the charger or connected via USB to the PC the...