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  1. godlessfather

    Post [OFFICIAL][ROM][PAYTON]LineageOS 18.1

    That's all I've ever done. All I get is an echo. I've had the same experience on three Moto X4s coming from stock.
  2. godlessfather

    Post [OFFICIAL][ROM][PAYTON]LineageOS 18.1

    I've never been able to get the FM Radio app to work. If there were a way to make it work, I'd love to know how.
  3. godlessfather

    Post Google Fi, Android Pie, and Invalid SIM

    Happened to me. Thought I scratched my SIM when adding an sd card to the phone after upgrading to Pie. I contacted Fi and was sent a new SIM which hasn't fixed the issue. Factory reset and reflashing the upgrade didn't do anything.
  4. godlessfather

    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r42] ► [shamu] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (06.June.2019)

    OK Google with Screen Off? Running 1227 with https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=745849072291697054 (I needed Project Fi). Does "OK Google" work with the screen off using the gapps you mentioned? Screen on works perfectly for me.
  5. godlessfather

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4/5.0.2] [OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth - Hammerhead

    Disappearing Softkeys - Possibly avoided It seems that a profile set to no lockscreen on my home wifi was causing the error to persist. Instead of booting to a lockscreen, it booted directly to the home screen in that attachment. Setting it to an insecure lockscreen seems to prevent the bug.
  6. godlessfather

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4/5.0.2] [OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth - Hammerhead

    Disappearing Softkeys Anyone experiencing disappearing softkeys? I have done a clean flash of the 01 Jan and the 04 Jan builds with the latest PA Full GApps, set up everything like I wanted it (including changing the dpi), and rebooted. On first reboot, it worked without an issue, but on the...
  7. godlessfather

    Post [ROM][4.4.4][KTU84Q] SlimKat - Skyrocket [OFFICIAL+Weeklies]

    Exactly the same issues with both builds.
  8. godlessfather

    Post [ROM][4.4.4][KTU84Q] SlimKat - Skyrocket [OFFICIAL+Weeklies]

    8.10 seems to be the latest without phone call or dialer issues.
  9. godlessfather

    Post [ROM][4.4.4][KTU84Q] SlimKat - Skyrocket [OFFICIAL+Weeklies]

    8.6.1 without issues I've been on 8.6.1 for 24 hours without issues. I've only been experiencing Google Play Services not showing as installed despite being flashed with 8.* using any Slim gapps on a dirty flash. I wiped system and reflashed 8.6.1 among with PA mini gapps and can connect with...
  10. godlessfather

    Post Off Topic Thread

    Thought the same thing, then I noticed that the Android app I kept hearing about also doesn't allow connection to anything other than Windows/OS X. Twice the disappointment.
  11. godlessfather

    Post How to find local memebrs in your area?

    You could always hang out on Android-related IRC channels (e.g., #android on freenode) and watch for users to join with uncloaked hostmasks. I happened to find a guy in my area this way.
  12. godlessfather

    Post What phones have you rooted? Let us know ;)

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (SGH-I727) Samsung Epic 4G (SPH-D700) Nexus 7 2012 (grouper) Ematic Genesis EGS004 -- piece of junk my son received as a gift
  13. godlessfather

    Post Rate the avatar of the person above you

  14. godlessfather

    Post Off Topic Thread

    That makes me want to get a desktop. My old server is in the garage with a 40GB HDD and 512MB RAM. That beast compiles slower than my Nexus 7 and stores roughly as much.
  15. godlessfather

    Post The official ask anything thread-Ask away!

    Binary Blobs The issue is that the device manufacturers are all racing to make the best hardware while obscuring the drivers that interact with it. That'd work alright if they were interested in updating their code to work with each iteration of Android but they generally have moved on to...
  16. godlessfather

    Post Off Topic Thread

    Melted So hell's basically melted.
  17. godlessfather

    Post [Q] Ematic EGS004 BU Rooting/Kernal Module Issue

    Erratic Ematic I rooted my son's EGS004, installed busybox, and played around with it without any apparent problem. When I rebooted it, I was prompted to set up the device then and every subsequent time I rebooted it. I could not install any apps and could not redo the Cydia Impactor rooting...
  18. godlessfather

    Post What Internet Browser do you guys prefer

    Browser Chromium and Firefox Nightly for several years, but I recently migrated to Chrome.