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  1. bigas

    Thread [Q] Can we move apps to external SD on Lollipop?

    I'm sorry this can appear as another lame demonstration of lazyness, but I searched everywhere and I just can't understand what is happening with my cellphone. So I grab my Moto G 2014 8GB yesterday. It asked for Lollipop upgrade right out of the box, which I followed instantly. So I can say I...
  2. bigas

    Thread [Q] AT&T Skyrocket ROMS

    FIRST: I don’t have this phone already (yeah, I’ve written it in the past) but I’m in love with it and planning to buy one next month. Well, I know ICS is already on our way BUT, during this week, we had a major breakthrough with Exhilarate ICS ROM. Looking for other phones with same config...
  3. bigas

    Thread [SOLVED] Where to buy a Galaxy S Blaze?

    Hi fellows! I’m about to fly to US and I’ll need a phone in there. BUT, being an Android user and an avid XDA reader, I know I should buy ONLY telephones that can have unlocked bootloader and at least a CM kang rom option. (once you leave a stock rom, there’s no going back!) Well, it seems...
  4. bigas

    Thread [Q] Camera dependency: kernel or ROM?

    Hi there! It's my first post here and since I really can't help CM7 team, I just need to know something: Is android camera apk dependant of the installed kernel or ROM? I'm curious because after months of reading, I went ahead and installed CM7.2 on my both phones, Xperia Mini and Xperia...