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    Thread Wi Fi calling

    Hello I am on an ATT d850 that is unlocked and rooted and running ressurection remix oreo. I am in a marginal area where my current carrier, t mobile, does not have great coverage. So it is spotty at best. I do have the option for wifi calling selected with RR rom but it does not seem to...
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    Thread [Q] New LG g3 member... questions

    Hi Guys. I have couple of questions. aBOUT TO an LG g3. do i have to root on kitkat or on lollipop? is there a difference.? Can I use CWM or only twrp is working as recovery? I understand that if install twrp then I can not upgrade to lollipop over the air. What else should I know before i...
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    Thread shooting against light

    Hello I have a question about taking pictures. I used to have the samsung captivate and when i would point against a lot of light my pic would be very dark but i would tap on an area on the phone that was darker and the picture would brighten up and then i would take the shot. I am not...
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    Thread wifi problem after water damage

    Hello I was wondering if anyone can offer some help on a question I have. My friend has a skyrocket that had a water accident. I opened and dryed it out and everything is working fine except the wifi. Although it is not totally greyed out completely it looks like it wants to breath but with...
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    Thread Apk back up issue

    Hi guys I am using es explorer to back up the stock calendar and the clock from the galaxy s3. Then I put a new rom and when I try to install the apk files I get the message at the end that the apk is not installed Am I doing something wrong? Thank you Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using...
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    Thread Captivate totally unresponsive

    Hi Guys, I was on ICS and was going to wipe out everything and reinstall everything fresh. I got stuck on the Icy glitch Kernel and so I decided to use ODIN and go back to stock. I think the extraction of Odin was not done properly and as a result when I flashed it did all the steps but when...