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    Post SM-G97x0 (Chinese/HK only) Rooting/TWRP and ROMs

    Hi everybody, any custom android stock rom, like pixel exeprience or lineage os ? Thanks :)
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    Post Ask the administrator to delete this post

    Hello guys ! Could you tell me if this ROM is enough stable to be used in regular day, please ? I have a SGS S10 TGY (G9730) Could anyone can send a test on youtube or another platforme, please ? :) Thanks :)
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    Post S10 G9730 TGY (hong kong variant)

    I think the next version will come with OneUI 2.0 This is why we should wait October :)
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    Post SM-G97x0 (Chinese/HK only) Rooting/TWRP and ROMs

    Hi here ! Anyone had already got the latest version on this ? Any feedback please ?
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    Post S10 G9730 TGY (hong kong variant)

    Got it from France :)
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    Post [DISCONTINUED] SoLdieR9312s *CTA2* ROM 26.1 [P] & *ETF5* MOD ZIP 6.0 [Q] | AROMA

    hello ! does this rom preserve or avoid the warranty please ?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1][6/01/18] ResurrectionRemix 6.0 for S9/S9+ (Exynos)

    hello guys, can we get original camera with this rom ?
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    Post Most Battery Efficient Black Theme

    Hi ! After installing this theme, could you tell me how to apply it, please ? Thanks ! :)
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY] LineageOS 15.1 for S9 and S9+ (Exynos)

    could anyone replace samsung camera by huawei p20 pro's, PLEASE :) ?
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    Thread How to change application/game resolution like LG V30 ?

    Hello, I just sold my lg v30 + and I bought the mate 10 pro. On the LG V30 + there is a parameter that allows you to change the resolution or/and the fluidity of a game. Is there any option like this in this phone ? Thanks to read and to help me :)
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] [OFFICIAL][VoLTE] AEX 4.6

    Could anyone help me to root this phone with this ROM please ?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][DISCOUNTINUE][7.1.2][ResurrectionRemix 5.8.4]For Zuk Z2 plus

    Thanks for all Could you please add restricted profile option ? I really need it for my kids Without this option, i had to add 3rd party soft :(
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    Post [Q] Huawei Honor 3X : Request for advice before purchase

    Hello and thank you for answer I choiced the Lenovo K910 because i realy need a good GPS phone :)
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    Post [ROOT]Lenovo Vibe Z (K910)

    for this version (4.4.2) there is no stable version the stable version will delivered by lenovo directly i think, we have to be patient for about 1 to 3 weeks :)
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    Post [Q] Huawei Honor 3X : Request for advice before purchase

    It support micro SD card but everybody says that we cant install apps directly into the external memory card and, everybody says that the GPS fix is very bad :(
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    Thread [Q] Huawei Honor 3X : Request for advice before purchase

    Hello everybody :) I'd like to order a Huawei Honor 3X or other chinese phone like this Before this, could you help me please ? I'd like to know if : - There is really issue on the GPS ? - Can i install apps directly to the external memory card ? That's all :)
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    Post Meizu MX(quad-core) , Huawei Honor , Xiaomi M2 , how to choose ?

    Hello, I'd like to know where do you find this information Could you say your source please ? If you dont have source, this information may not be valid...
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    Post [ROM][18/08] ۵.NeoPhyTe Mod v1.8 Sense-FroYo 2.2 · (720p|2.06|AP2SD+|Multilanguage)

    why this ROM has only 3 stars as people who have commented like it ??? Very strange... :confused: