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  1. jt3

    Thread Google Home Hub Issues

    Got the new Home Hub. Already have two issues. I'm curious if others have found a solution: 1. The screen get TOO dark at night. Even though I have the screen timout setting turned off, and the Auto-Brightness Offset setting to max brightness, the screen still shuts (almost) completely off...
  2. jt3

    Thread [Q] Missing Widgets in 5.1?

    Anyone else seeing this? I just upgraded my N6 to 5.1 (clean flash w/ system wipe), and a couple of my widget apps (Beautiful Widgets and Agenda Widget) are no longer showing up in the widgets menu. Thus, I can't add them to my homescreen. Worked great in 5.01. Assuming it's not just me...
  3. jt3

    Thread Android 5.0.1 Changes

    While there are several threads announcing the release of Android 5.0.1, in regard to the Nexus 6, most of them seem to be filled with posts relating to the availability, instructions for sideloading, etc. This thread is to discuss the CHANGES that you have noticed between 5.0 and 5.0.1, and as...
  4. jt3

    Thread Quick charge 2.0 indication.

    Is there a way to tell whether you're charging with a Quick Charge 2.0 compatible adapter, vs a standard 2.0A fast charger? Maybe I'm missing something, but the Nexus 6 shows "Charging (AC)" either way. I know that QC 2.0 requires that the data pins of the cable be intact, and if you plug in a...
  5. jt3

    Thread Bye bye magnetic docks.

    Just thought I'd post my findings on the Nexus 6 qi charging magnets. Yes, it does have magnets, but as many have noted, they're practically worthless. Take the Nexus Charger, for example. The N5 sticks to it like glue. The N6, however, has just enough magnetic attraction so that you can...
  6. jt3

    Thread Anyone else having issues with the Facebook app?

    When I launch the Facebook app, it simply closes. That doesn't particularly bother me, but apps that use Facebook to login are unable to do so. Oh hell, Nevermind. I forgot to try uninstalling and reinstalling. Duh. That fixed it.
  7. jt3

    Thread Getting rid of the heartbeat card.

    I've always wanted to get rid of the heartbeat card that randomly comes up, but there's never been a way. However, last night, I think I finally did it. It could be some firmware upgrade, or it could be because after upgrading my phone to lollipop, I finally have Fit now, and I went in to the...
  8. jt3

    Thread Is Smart Lock (Lollipop) working for you consistently?

    Upgraded my N5 to its Lollipop Factory Image, and setup Smart Lock to work with my Moto 360. I'm noticing that my N5 will still prompt me for a passcode half the time, even though my moto 360 shows it's still connected (I can even PROVE it's connected, by doing an "Ok Google" voice search). I...
  9. jt3

    Thread Nexus 6 now available direct from Motorola!

    Order quickly! http://www.motorola.com/us/consumers/nexus-6-header/Nexus-6/nexus-6-motorola-us.html UPDATE: Some people are reporting that they're getting a "No Longer Available" notice when ordering, but that they're able to get an order though if they retry a few times. So far, shipping...
  10. jt3

    Thread Did ambient mode change with the KGW42R update?

    Has anyone noticed ambient screen mode working differently since the update, or is it just me? With all the talk about better battery life, I thought I'd try keeping ambient mode on to see what kind of battery life I'd get. I didn't regularly use ambient mode before the update, but I did play...