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    Thread Question Can the boot loader on a OnePlus 9 Pro be unlocked

    I went through the steps and when I get to the fast boot screen, I used the up and down volume key, I don’t see unlocked boot loader. I already enabled in the developer settings.
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    Thread Why do downloads stop at 100% and not complete, how do u fix this?

    This has been going on, on two phones i have had that is Android, when ever i try and download something, it never completes how do u fix this, because it is annoying.
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    Thread Is there a list of roms for the Google Pixel XL 3

    I cant find any roms for Google Pixel XL 3 at, is there any like a list i can see the UI and features and see if there are any that i would like
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    Thread Questions on Rooted Pixel 3 XL Abilities (Rooted Apps)

    So i have a Pixel 3 XL rooted. I have questions about how to use the rooted device and what i do with it. I want to be able to tether my cellular connection over VPN, the same as Tether me is to IOS in Cydia store, is that possible. I also want to be able to leave apps open in the background...
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    Thread After root question Google Pixel XL 3

    I have a question. I went to oneclickroot.com to get the Pixel rooted. Is it normal when i reboot or shut down the phone, that the phone keeps saying that the phone bootloader is unlocked then it says press power button to continue, is it normal for that to keep popping up, when u restart and...
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    Thread Root level questions

    When u Jailbreak an iPhone and get root level access, these is a root level password such as 'alpine' for the apple, is there a default root level password for Android, if so can i change the root password so that my phone can be secure? Being that the Android operating systems is open source...
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    Thread Chrome downloaded file stops at 100 percent and won’t complete

    For some reason why when I downloaded a 1GB file once the file hits 100 percent it stays there and wont finish so I can watch the video, how can I fix this.
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    Thread Is it possible to enable Native Hotspot tethering (After root)

    After root, I was wondering is there way to use wifi tethering on S9+ on the APN for Phone data not the Wifi Tethering APN, so that the hotspot usage can be seen a phone data not hotspot data. Is this possible. I plan on buying a Samsung Galaxy S9+ from Samsung in order to root it, for this reason.
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    Thread Is there a way to root Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 ATT LTE

    WOW, the support for this tablet is very hard to find. All the forums i found has hacks and roots for the international versions and not the US version. Is there a way to root the device, or is there a custom rom for the device. I have had this tablet for a very long time and don't use it...
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    Thread I need a experienced Android Programmer (Incentive Inside)

    I just got my Galaxy Note 12.2 P709A. There is a few things I need help on when it comes to modifying the carrier network bundle on the device, example a way to modify the carrier settings in the device to enable LTE all the time, bypass carrier signature so that I'm able to tether without a...
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    Thread Nexus 6 Questions Need Expert Help (Offering ATT iPad Data Unlimited Plan)

    i'am interested in getting the Nexus 6 . But i do need some help in modifying the firmware on the device, for example. Rooting Modifying the Carrier Bundles Keeping apps open in the background. Also other Android Mods. I need someone to help me learn how to do these things. I can offer...
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    Thread Is there a root for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 ATT LTE

    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S ATT LTE, I just give up my iPad for the this device. I'am trying to use the device for tethering, and I believe I need root access to do it with all the hassle, so is there a root for this device. Also it seems when I try to use OPENvpn on the device it...
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    Thread Anyone know of any Custom Roms that are stable for the Note 3 ATT

    I have tried a few roms, which are not stable for the Note 3, i tried Dynamic rom 4.1, theat rom had a issue with the volume being low on VOIP calling, i tried the Alliance rom, you cant multitask on it, when iam on a voip call and try to browse the web, the phone kills the VOIP call and closes...
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    Thread How to easly install a custom rom on my Note 3

    I need help on how to install a custom rom, i have been at it, and i cant seem to get this done at all. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2595085 (Dynamic Rom) There is the link of the rom i want to install on my stock Galaxy Note 3 4.3. I Have Rom Manager on my phone and i...
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    Thread Newbie Help How to install a Custom ROM

    I have a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ATT Branded and i want to get all the mess off the phone. The phone is already rooted and i have a SD Card. The ROM i want to install is http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2595085 (Dynamic Rom 4.2) I put the Dynamic file on my SD card, once i...
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    Thread is it possible to tether without no issues from Tmobile

    is it possible to tether on the 70 dollar unlimited talk text and web plan without T Mobile knowing
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    Thread New to Windows 8 OS (Tablet) Need a few inputs

    I have been waiting for a tablet version to come out for Windows and iam glad to its out. But the same programs like, Epsxe and Snes9x, etc.. Programs like that , are there still able to be used on the Windows 8 tablet version. I was looking into getting the Dell Latitude 10 the full Windows 8...
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    Thread How true is this myth, charging a new phone for 12 hours for optimal performace?

    It has been allways said that when u get a new phone you must charge it for 12 hours in order to get optimal use of the device, how true is this. A usual phone charge is for like 2 to 3 hours, i was told that when u first get a brand new phone you need to charge it for 12 hours for optimal...
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    Thread ATT Customer sues for being throttled & WINS

    This may be the smart of a lawsuit http://news.cnet.com/8301-27076_3-57384994-248/throttled-iphone-user-takes-at-t-to-court-wins-$850/?tag=mncol;editorPicks
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    Thread How do i tether data without ATT knowing

    There where a few steps i was told that there is a way to wireless data tehter tour device without att knowing about it. What is the best wireless tethering software i can use to tether my Samsung Galaxy Note. Also what files do i meed to delete so that att does not know about tethering
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    Thread Need assistance with Infuse 4G details inside

    I just got my infuse 4G yesterday and i have been trying to find the same firmware that is on the Att Samsung Galaxy S2. I have just learned how to use odin, and thats all i know how to get roms on my device. Can anyone give me a working Samsung galaxy S2 rom that is able to be used on odin...