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  1. djared704

    Thread [New][July-16-2020]Unlocking bootloader on VZW Pixel 1 and XL

    AS OF JUL 19 THIS HAS STOPPED WORKING I apologize if you did not get your bootloader unlocking! At the moment, there is no information if the classic exploit will return, if it has worked for you, please make a post about it on this thread! We will go back to work to ensure pixels will get...
  2. djared704

    Thread Regarding Android 10 on the HP Touchpad

    Hello For the past couple (weeks) I've been trying to compile Android 10 for tenderloin using the Android 9 sources but it's not going so well. First thing I ran into multiple sepolicy errors and I feel as if I fixed them in inappropriate ways but the errors went away. Other errors regarding...
  3. djared704

    Thread Verizon Pixel 1 Non / XL Bootloader Research

    Back in late 2016, dePixel8 was made to exploit bootloaders that were locked by a carrier. It was only roughly 45 days later when dePixel8 was patched. Somewhat mid 2018, a new exploit found for carrier devices known as removing "android.phone" to permit a bootloader unlock. The theory behind...
  4. djared704

    Thread [Logos] Moto G5 Logo collection (Rainbow colors!)

    Hello!! This is my first development type post. Today I am presenting colourful Moto G5+ Logos. This was inspired by @artistaproducer. Please thank artistaproducer for giving me the inspiration to make the logos for the G5+. This is only for the G5+! You are rolling the dice if you flash this...
  5. djared704

    Thread Cant record 120fps fast motion on ArrowOS

    Hello I'm not sure if this is the complete correct thread but I really need to know how to get the 60/120FPS fast motion working on Pie roms. I've tried multiple Oreo roms and 120fps fast motion works but not on Pie roms When I record I have the option to select 60FPS or 30FPS but it feels like...