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  1. J

    Thread Widevine L3 support

    Any way to add widevine to the M10 2nd gen?
  2. J

    Thread Alexa variant M10 to Google Assistant

    I recently got the 2nd gen M10 with echo show built in and dock. I don't use Alexa and actually have it disabled and with that the dock is just a big charger. Does anyone know if I can flash the Google Assistant, so that it has the Google UI when docked. Hoping there is a way to get the dock...
  3. J

    Thread Simple current ROM

    What would be the best ROM to use that is as close to stock as possible but running android 7.1 or 8.1 etc. I don't want or need any mods or custom features, just simple stable with maybe root.
  4. J

    Thread build custom rom

    how would one start build a custom rom preferably running Android 7 or higher, i have an old s905 box running android 5.1.1 and was hoping to bring it up to date as best i can.
  5. J

    Thread How to add security patches to old rom?

    I have an old Android TV box that i re purposed but its running an Android 5.1.1 and so was wondering if there is a way to add at least the most up to date security patch for 5.1.1. I'm not use wifi or bluetooth so don't need to worry about those security issues from 2017. This box is 99% used...
  6. J

    Thread Android Wear Cloud Sync

    Just wondering what data is synced to the cloud? I understand it syncs WiFi passwords and Hangouts which makes sense. But what about: SMS Phone Calls Facebook Email (not gmail) Other apps I don't want all my notifications syncing to the GOOGLE cloud and its not clear how this works exactly...
  7. J

    Thread Android 6.0 and Recovery

    So I flashed the factory 6.0 image from Google and noticed I can't get into the stock recovery, I just get the android logo with exclamation mark. When I flash TWRP using fastboot TWRP works with no problems. I just use TWRP to root and like to restore stock recovery. Anyone know what I'm...
  8. J

    Thread Note3 keeps rebooting into recovery

    I just installed cwm recovery on my note 3 that had stock root android 5.0. I used recovery tools from the app store and selected reboot into recovery after it flashed it. Now all it does is try to reboot into recovery fails and restarts the process over again. I can't get into download mode...
  9. J

    Thread Fingerprint data storage

    I've been googling around and haven't found an answer on how the fingerprint data is stored on the phones and is it safe regardless of device encryption? The S5 implementation of the data was horrible and Samsung is not to concerned it seems. At least Apple clearly outlines how and where...
  10. J

    Thread Most Stable ROM

    What is the current most stable Android Lollipop ROM? Need one that is closest to AOSP and least amount of bugs with things like the Camera etc.
  11. J

    Thread Screen Mirroring hardware issue

    I had rooted prior to lollipop but when i flashed 5.0 I did a full wipe and went back to 100% stock. today I tried to use screen mirroring and kept getting "unable to start screen mirroring because of a hardware issue" , after a quick google search it looks like Sammy disables screen mirroring...
  12. J

    Thread remote wipe & custom recovery

    So I have always wondered what happens when you remote wipe a phone from like Android Device Manager and if you have a custom recovery like TWRP. I tried the wipe on my M8 and it for sure worked, but since TWRP was installed it left all the data ion the SD Card. Is there anyway to force TWRP to...
  13. J

    Thread Bell Canada Stock Recovery

    Looking for the Bell Canada stock recovery for my M8, saw the rogers versions but don';t think the firmware matches. My software version is baseband is 1.162133156.UA10G_2.18m.4096.D4L. Can you please point me in the right direction?
  14. J

    Thread Easiest way to Root without htcdev??

    I have a Bell Canada HTC One M8 and just need root, no need for bootloader unlock, custom recovery or S-Off just root for some apps I have. Owned htc phones before and know the process of htcdev but want to avoid it to keep my warranty active. Tried weaksause but it just FC's any other tricks?
  15. J

    Thread Add WiFi Frequency option?

    On my N7 when you go into the the advanced wifi settings there is an option to select which wifi band you want to connect too, 2.4ghz/5ghz, appartly this was removed by samsung with the 4.3 release from what some S3 threads are saying. Anyway to add this to the Note 3? example ->...
  16. J

    Thread Belkin WeMo Light Switch

    I have been searching the net windows ap that lets me control my wemo light switch. There is one for windows phone but I'm unable to get it to work on windows 8. Is there any way to complete this? I have tried Bluestacks and although the app installs it does not see my wemo light switch.
  17. J

    Thread Help me decide on a ROM

    I'm trying to find a fast stable ROM avoiding nightlies that has good battery. My go to ROM is usually AOKP but on the N7 I like the idea of PIE and Halo. Currently running PA 3.99 and it seem like a very solid ROM and I'm extremely happy with it, but I miss some of the AOKP features like...
  18. J

    Thread Miracast with 4.3??

    I see the N4/10 has full miracast support now, I have seen people getting miracast working on N7 (2012). So any hope for the GNex with the 4.3 release?
  19. J

    Thread Anyone buy eBay Cases??

    There are so many good cases sadly not available in Canada and if they are they are overly priced with shipping. So I have to resort to ebay. So I'm wondering if anyone has bought the below cases? Case One - For the price its seems like a good deal, but it has an extra flap that wraps around...
  20. J

    Thread TWRP Backups

    It seems my TWRP has changed the backup location after flashing. After installing 4.2.2 (ARHD) I wiped everything because I was coming from stock. But I got no idea were my backups are stored, I created a Nandroid today when flashing ARHD 12.0 and noticed it did not show my previous backups...
  21. J

    Thread Remote SMB Management app??

    I'm looking for an app that will allow me to remotely access WHS (windows home server) and allow me to manipulate files and folders. I know I can access my shares from ES File Explorer and I use that to copy files to and from my Android devices, but there are times I want to move/copy files from...
  22. J

    Thread headset controls on the One are LAME

    This is the kind of thing that makes me want to go back to Samsung, I mean they are the leaders in sound yet can't get music controls correct and keep a freaken standard. Last HTC I had came with a 3 buttons headset and through all Android did. With the One they give you good headphones but a...
  23. J

    Thread Extended Power Menu for Stock

    I'm look for a MOD that has the extended power options but for odexed ROMS, I just got my One so for now I'm staying stock but would like the power menu if possible. I saw a mod in the forums but that one seems like its for deodexed ROMS.
  24. J

    Thread Am I in the correct forum?

    Just bought the HTC One from Bell Canada and need to unlock the bootloader and flash TWP and Root. That easy and all, but for the life of me cannot figure out which HTC One I have and which forum to go to. Usually all Canadian devices are AT&T versions but I guess the Canadian version for the...
  25. J

    Thread cant connect to google servers

    so battery died yesterday and I turned it on today and the status bar icons are just grey and don't run blue. Its been like this all day, does not matter if its on data or wifi. It just happened out of the blue no idea what caused it. I didn't install any new apps or anything so its really...
  26. J

    Thread Flashing OTA

    I have 2 GNex running 4.2.1, these are stock 100% google images just rooted and custom recovery. I am using TWRP 2.4.x.x and tried with 2.3 as well and every time I try to flash the 4.2.2. OTA it fails saying error 7. Any way to flash just the OTA without doing a full wipe or flash the new...
  27. J

    Thread data2Sd

    I remember a few months back with 4.1 there was a way to use a microSD card for the data partition to compensate for the poor I/O issues. Anyone know of a way to do this with the current 4.2.2 CM10.1? I can get a cheap 32GB class 10 sandisk right now and just hate the apps freezing and force...
  28. J

    Thread Miracast on GNex

    Think we may get Miracast support via unofficial way such as CM/AOKP? GNex has WiFi Direct and supports dual band WiFi, so i can't see why only N4/S3 have it. hTC has media link which is basically miracast so do you guys know of a way to add it to the GNex? Maybe Samsung AllShare Cast?
  29. J

    Thread SIM Unlock the T679M

    Been looking for a free way, but looks like there isn't one. So anyone know of a place that does it online for $10 or so?
  30. J

    Thread Dam this is one SOLID phone

    Me and my i9000 parted 2 years ago, I got a brand new hTC Raider (S3 now) and gave the trusty i9000 to my sister. At times I would see it on the table when she came over and i would hold it, touch it's AMOLED screen and remember the good times we had. I have seen it get mishandled, dropped, and...
  31. J

    Thread Warm/Cold Screen Colours

    I have bought 2 Gnex for the family and during my setup and hacking i noticed the colors are different. On one phone the colors are cold and look much nicer and the other the phone is a dull grey/yellowish when in the settings and don't really look good. Both are stock with just root yakju 4.2...
  32. J

    Thread Increase sound levels

    I have 2 GNex that i just got my family members and I noticed the speaker is very weak any kernels or tweaks that can be made to increase the sound levels? Running stock Android 4.2.1 with TWRP Don't want any OC or anything just as close as to stock as possible with better sound.
  33. J

    Thread A few dumb Nexus questions

    Never owned a Nexus device due to the lack of storage (16GB not enough). Got the GNex for my mom and just got a few questions in terms of root/OTA. It's a canadian GNex yakjuux that i updated to 4.2 and converted to international yakju. I love AOSP based phones but 16GB is the only thing that...
  34. J

    Thread remove hairline scratches

    This may seem like a dumb question and i have seen mixed results and various methods. I just bought a used GNex and didn't look at the screen close enough (deal was at night). The scratches are very thin and can only be seen in direct light, you have to look for the scratch most of the scratches...
  35. J

    Thread Smart Statusbar for AOSP ROMS

    I got really tired of waiting for Samsung to release the JB update for my Bell Canada S3 and installed Task's AOKP ROM. I love the ROM and prefer the stock Google experience but miss some of the cool features Samsung added, mainly the ability to show the status bar in a fullscreen apps such as a...
  36. J

    Thread OG or S3

    I want to know how the OG compares to the Galaxy S3 in terms of hardware. Its a shame the OG is running ICS and because of that I will be unlocking the bootloader as soon as i get (seems thecubed is almost ready to release) and running an AOSP based ROM. So for me the deciding factors are really...
  37. J

    Thread Hacking the Boxee Box (Violates GPL)

    Well I'm looking for some talent to get the Boxee Box bootloaders unlocked so we can put custom firmware on it and/or XBMC. Boxee is based of of XBMC which is opened source yet the Boxee Box is closed and violates the GPL, see here for more info. Not only that but they have lied again and...
  38. J

    Thread Port Nexus ROM to Optimus G

    I REALTY REALLY want the Nexus 4 but the lack of usable memory is what always prevents me from getting a Nexus device. I don't care f it does not have a SD slot as long it has 32GB internal i would be happy. But for whatever reason there has not been a 32GB Nexus phone :( My only other option...
  39. J

    Thread Screen gets HOT

    I know for a fact the phone gets hot when playing some games like Asphalt 7 and that is understandable but it never used to get hot while in regular use such as browsing the web or text messaging on stock and i could have the screen on for an hour. Ever since i installed CM10 and now on AOKP by...
  40. J

    Thread AOSP SMS app

    I installed CM/AOKP and just hate the stock SMS app, anyway to theme it just so it has bubbles and no picture of the contact when in a conversation?
  41. J

    Thread CM10 M Snapshot

    Well since we have a thread about the nightly I wanted to created a thread on the M series that is released every month that is suppose to be a daily driver. I installed M2 yesterday and its very stable but am starting to notice a few bugs which i will list below. 1.) Alarm app works but did...
  42. J

    Thread Add Samsung features to CM

    I installed CM10 M2 yesterday and it's amazing and seems very stable so far. But there are a few things I miss about the stock ROM. 1.) The slider lockscreen were you can have the slider with the quick shortcuts and weather and then you get the security screen. Is there anyway to have both on...
  43. J

    Thread CM9/10 worth it?

    Bought the tf300 for my sister and made dam sure it was ICS, so i can run some test and compare to my JB tablet. Now i debating if i should upgrade her to Stock JB or unlock the bootloader and try out CM9/10f. For her i would rather leave the bootloader locked for warranty purposes but the geek...
  44. J

    Thread What ROM you running??

    Though I would create a thread to see which of the many great JB ROMS people are running and maybe we can crown a champion?? I'm using CleanROM and could not be happier.
  45. J

    Thread TF300T or Nexus 7???

    I'm so torn on deciding on which one i want to keep, i have both and tested both but just can't make up my mind. They both have there pros/cons but i still can't decide. They both cost me the same price and the screen is not the main issue, I mean the bigger screen is nicer yet i prefer the...
  46. J

    Thread [REQUEST] Add WiFi Direct

    I was on the go and had no access to cables/internet and needed to transfer a file to the tablet from my phone and it needed to be done wirelessly and i can't for the life of me accomplish this with the transformer, the was very easy to do with the phone and Nexus 7 using WiFi Direct. Read this...
  47. J

    Thread Wireless file transfer between phone and tablet

    Alright i been trying to decide between transformer and nexus 7. I just spent the last hour trying to transfer a video file from my galaxy s3 to the transformer. I have yet to be able to do so, i used an app called wifi shoot and was able to transfer to the N7 but since there is no Wi-Fi direct...
  48. J

    Thread [Q] Who is holding off for the 32GB

    We all have seen the news that a 32GB is coming and will be around for the holiday season, my brother works at Best Buy here in Canada and his inventory shows a 32GB as coming soon for $269 CAD so its defiantly coming. Just wonder how many of you will hold off on the 16 now that the 32 will be...
  49. J

    Thread Want to get the N7 worried about screen

    I will be getting the N7 this weekend and i have been reading about the screen issues such as screen lifting and touch response then there is the lag issue when you are low on space. I have been reading about different models like C7O, C8O and C9O, what is also this about? What should i look...
  50. J

    Thread CM9 and 911 not working

    As the titile says I just tried using 911 on the i9000 running stable 9.1 and the call just goes to call ended right away. I tried when i first installed CM and it started to ring so i hung up can anyone tell me if 911 was fix in CM9.1 Stable?