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  1. LoaderFabi

    Thread [Magisk] WatchDogs Bootlogo for Nokia 8

    It's been up in the Repo for a while now. This Module replaces the Bootlogo depending on Android Version in: Oreo: /system/CDA/* Pie: /system/product/CDA/* Module v2+ now comes with Unity Installer and automatic Version Detection. Thanks to Akilesh for the...
  2. LoaderFabi

    Thread [MODULE][Magisk 17+] Volume Steps Extender

    Updated the Module. Moved the new one to GitHub. https://github.com/Fabl0s/VolumeStepsExtender Moved from the old Magisk-Template to the newer MMT-Ex Template and now contains 4 values for build.prop: ro.config.vc_call_vol_steps=30 ro.config.media_vol_steps=30 ro.config.alarm_vol_steps=30...
  3. LoaderFabi

    Thread ADB Cleaning Batch for .54

    Uhm... Yeah... I got some Time and had to rework my Z4 so I made a little Script (and a bit more afterwards) for my Z4. What does it Clean? A ****ton. Check the .bat yourself - Post would be too long to post. Note for Batch: Anything beginning with a "::" or "REM" is a Comment in the Batch...
  4. LoaderFabi

    Thread Problems with Oreo

    So I updated to .29 and did my usual procedure... Flash FTF, Fastboot Recovery and Boot (used the image from korom42 und TWRP, flashed Drm fix, flash aroma gapps, clear safetynet, install magisk 15.3, wipe bloat before first system boot. I noticed: install BusyBox from osmosis as...