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  1. J

    Thread CIFS on Speedmod kernel

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to get CIFS working on my sgs 2 but I can't get it to work :-( I've flashed the speedmod kernel and installed the cifs manager app, but it says "no such device".. I'm sure I just forgot someything but I don't see what.. any commands I still need to run for it to...
  2. J

    Thread [Q] Screen-ON animation JVK?

    Hello everybody, I just went from CM7 to stock JVK. I already installed the screen-off animation, but I was wondering is any way to get the screen on animation to, like in CM 7 :D:confused: Didn't I search good enough :rolleyes: or hasn't it been done jet?:(
  3. J

    Thread [Q] Defect?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if my phone is defect or not! Because when I charge my phone and use it, after a while it gets warm and at some point hangs. I then have to manually reboot it (holding powerbutton, even once had to pull the battery out) and then most of the time it hangs A. on the...
  4. J

    Thread Help needed with browser problem!

    I love my SGS exept for the gps (which i can't do anything about) and a prob with the browser.. The problem with my browser is that it only works if I use wifi! It doesn't work with 3g or gprs or anything like it! Every other app can use the connections (3g etc) including the opera browser! I've...