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    Thread Windows RT on the plus?

    Crazy? Can it be done?
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    Thread Live weather radar widget....

    Can't seem to find one. Its hard to believe that there isn't one. Suggestions appreciated.
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    Thread FM Radio for GT-P6210

    I've always been surprised that there isn't FM radio on these things. Seems silly. Is there a way to get one of the internal radios' to do true FM radio?
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    Thread Wow. Stock ICS browser isnt bad....

    So I've been using opera even after the ICS upgrade but today started playing with the stock browser this morning and gotta say, its pretty quick. And I've hadn't had any real issues with it not letting me post in forums as with both opera and dolphin. Pretty decent....
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    Thread Frustrated over lack of high quality GPS....

    I'm not understanding why high end GPS that doesn't cost a fortune is so hard to find. Navigon is 50 bucks. Ugh. Am I missing?
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    Thread Who do we contact at Samsung about ICS/Jellybean?

    This is getting just plain ridiculous. There is just NO CAUSE for this device not to have at least ICS by now. I posted on their facebook page but it "disappeared". Any suggestions on where to contact?
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    Thread Argh. Continuum stuck in error loop after installing app.

    Can't figure out how to do factory reset since I can't get into the settings. The error pops up (process.com.sec.android blah blah blah) and when I press the "Force Close" to get rid of the error it tries to load the homepage back up but vibrates and the error appears again. Tried to tap the...
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    Thread Looking for a soft silicone case/cover for my 7 plus....

    Even though Im still debating what to do with my 7 plus It may go to my autistic son as a communication device since he is nonverbal. In either case - whether I give it up or not I would like to find a good soft case/cover for it for general protection and possible clumsiness. Of course a Google...
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    Thread How much is my 7 Plus worth?

    Thinking of selling this one off to upgrade. But I have no idea what to ask for it. Its the 16gb version and its in perfect condition. Ill be including a nice case with it. But I'm keeping the 16gb card I got for it since it has all my stuff for it. Thinking of going to the 8.9. Whaddya think?
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    Thread Printer support for 7+?

    I would like to be able to print from my 7+ I currently have a wireless Kodak printer and use Polaris office. Anyway to get printer support on tnis thing?
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    Thread Suggestions for GPS map software.

    As I found out google maps doesnt store the maps on the device - it needs a wifi connection. Does anyone know what gps app package that will keep the maps on the device (prefferably on the memory card) so that the gps is actually useful?
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    Thread Keyboards for the 7+

    Im looking for a bt keyboard for my 7+ that is the same physical size so it close in a case. Any suggestions?
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    Thread Just picked up the 7+....now what?

    So I've got ADW on it and Opera for starters. Im still trying to figure out what all this can do. Im looking to load some apps now like for music and GPS. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It did some massive update to 6210 when I first got it connected to wifi. Im not ready to root...
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    Thread Thinking of getting the an A100... things I should know?

    Been looking around for a new tablet and have been looking at the A100 since the price has dropped. Anything I should know about this? I like the 7inch form factor. So is it rootable? Will ICS run on it? Is it overclockable/upgradeable? Just wondering if its worth getting or if there is another...
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    Thread Weather junkies - any radar widgets?

    I'm looking for a radar widget that will show my region in a small box (active full time of course) and would go to full screen when tapped. Any such animal?
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    Thread Need help. Stuck in "Touch the future" boot loop.

    I have a major headache here. I flashed the latest dalingrin OC kernel (5/13) and it would hang on startup. So I tried to use a nookie froyo image on a sd card and get back into ROM Manager and use CWR and try to reinstall everything. Well now its stuck in boot loop on the touch the future...
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    Thread Web browser that gives full browsing ability?

    I'm currently using Opera and I really like it however I notice that when I'm on certain websites it still treats everything like its a mobile browser. (yes I realize it is). Like Facebook for example, it doesn't bring up that chat functions at all. Is there a browser that has true full blown...
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    Thread Latest gapps that work with 7.0.2?

    Having problems here. I've tried the gapps I did have but Youtube isn't showing up, nor the market. Whats the latest gapps for the Nook running CM7 7.0.2
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    Thread Why the lack of development for the Continuum?

    I really think the phone has unexplored potential and its puzzling to see it neglected. Im also wondering if there is a way to improve the standalone GPS performance on this rig.
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    Thread Wifes' Nook won't update to 1.2.....

    Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I followed the directions in the email that she got about copying the file. to the root directory of the Nook. It was supposed to update itself but never did. Any ideas?
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    Thread Prepping a Nook Color for sale... what would you do?

    I'm probably going to sell my Nook Color w/CM7.0.2 on it here soon. How would I prep it for sale as fare as making sure all my personal data is off it, like my gmail account, etc. I suppose I could just change all the passwords to everything so it can't be accessed. But I was wondering if there...
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    Thread Just got Continuum....tips, tricks?

    So I upgraded to a Continuum last week and have been playing with it. For awhile I thought I had a i9000 Galaxy LOL but I figured it out. Anyway I see from the threads here that there isn't alot of development for this rig. Ugh. So what can I do with it? I saw something about a "de-bloat". Any...
  23. K

    Thread Video player that works?

    I'm trying to get videos to play that I took with my Samsung GalaxyS. The most I get is the opening frame or no image at all but the sound continues. This happens with the stock video player, MoboPlayer, mVideoplayer. I'm running CM7 stable 2. I've done reboots and hard resets as well. Any...
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    Thread Does my Galaxy S have true standalone GPS?

    I just got this phone a few days ago and I'm camping in Maryland now and I've been playing with it. Is the GPS on this thing true standalone GPS or is it track-you-like-a-tagged-animal-thru-the-cell-towers-GPS? The way GPSTest and Google Navigation behave gives me hope it is the better...
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    Thread Ok just picked up a Galaxy S, best upgrades, tips tricks?

    I'm gonna look through some other threads also of course. However, I'm leaving for a camping trip tomorrow so anything quick you all can recommend I would appreciate it. I have some experience with android from rooting my nook and getting CM7 on it. I also don't want to get in "trouble" with...
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    Thread Where to get great themes?

    Where would I search to get lots of great themes? The Market? I'd really like to find that honeycomb theme I've seen around.
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    Thread Getting Android on a PC?

    Just thinking, would it be possible to get Android on my PC? (HP laptop dual core AMD)
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    Thread Best GPS software for the NOOK?

    Ok I'm reading to pick up one of these bluetooth GPS receivers and get my nook performing GPS duties. What software package is best? As I understand it, there is also some other little piece of software that I need to get the bluetooth info to port into the GPS software. Any ideas?
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    Thread Looking for bible app... any christians here?

    I've been trying to find a Bible app on the market that actually downloads the WHOLE Bible. to the nook and doesn't need any wifi to work. I had one that had to download the next verse etc. from a server. FAIL. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Thread Possible to download files to SD card on Nook?

    You know where I'm going with this.... it would be great to download the nightlies right to the SD card on the nook and completely (almost) negate the need for the PC in this regard. Possible?
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    Thread Nook Color "standalone" GPS... there's gotta be a way...

    I've seen these simple USB GPS receiver antennas that hook to a laptop for GPS duties so naturally I'm thinking why can't this be done for the nook. Ideally we would have a dual/split port so power could still be supplied at the same time. I'd rather have this config since I don't like the...
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    Thread Best picture/slideshow app?

    Looking for a slideshow app to use on my CM7/22. The stock gallery slideshow gets to the end and stops, looking for it to loop. Searching the market now, but would appreciate suggestions.
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    Thread Explain the whole Wiimote thing to me.

    So what will the Wiimote do for/with the Nook? How in the world does the wiimote and Nook connect? Bluetooth?
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    Thread I could really use some help, *UPDATE* Thanks XDA....

    I don't know where to turn. I started a thread about my effed up nook but it got deleted (my fault) I'm completely at my wits end here. I had NookFroyo .68 working just fine on mine but like an IDIOT I thought it would be neat to try out CM7. Big mistake would not get past the animated N screen...
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    Thread How to make icons larger on app page?

    I would really like the application icons to be larger on the app page. I know I need glasses but they are kinda small. Is there a way to do this?
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    Thread Transferring files via Wifi?

    I was wondering if there was a way to transfer files to and from the Nook via the WiFi.
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    Thread How do I get that stupid D-Pad in Softkeys to dissappear?

    Really annoying! Any ideas?
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    Thread Music app that will play WMA files as well as MP3/MP4?

    Neither the stock music app on .68 NookieFroyo or Winamp will play WMA. Argh, just MP3/4 files. Any idea on how to either fix it or a good player that will play everything?
  39. K

    Thread SetCPU - is there a free version?

    I know I will probably get accused of being, umm, "frugal" but I don't want to pay for the app only to lose it when I upgrade to a new ROM later. Suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Thread Argh. Think I massed up. Got 0.68 Froyo CWM on, but problems...

    Ok MAJOR update. I got Froyo 0.68 CWM running but there are lots of issues, NO market, the music player doesn't work. And to make matters worse, I don't think I backed up original config. Ugh. Thats what happens when your tired. Oh crap. Anyway to fix these issues? EDIT. Some Apps I had on...
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    Thread Best clock apps?

    Post your clock app. I'm looking for the best one, possibly with the weather on it as well. I've installed FancyWidget but the weather option isn't working. So post 'em if you got em!
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    Thread How to get clock/calender on standby screen as main clock on regular screen?

    The clock/calender on the standby screen (before you unlock) is really nice and I'd like that to be my regular clock on my main screen too. How would you do that?