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    Thread Poweramp permission granting not working

    Hey, i wanna give poweramp equalizer permission for players, using adb shell and getting the following error: What can I do to fix this?
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    Thread Display protection x3 nfc?

    Good display protection for x3 nfc? I tested two different ones and both were too small, both in width and height. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance. :)
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    Thread Autokill background apps?

    Hello, is it possible to autokill background apps (selectable) after some time (10,30,xx minutes?)? Working on ways to optimize my battery life.
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    Thread Google Stuff, removable?

    Hey, I just wanna try to remove everything useless from Google, beside Google Maps (+ needed services) and Google Playstore (+needed services). So what else from this list of stuff I can remove? #Google com.google.android.projection.gearhead com.google.android.ext.services...
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    Thread How to set GCam as standard?

    Hello, i tried to set GCam as standard, but I failed. I cannot change it to standard even if I disable the stock one. GCam not showing up in Default Apps -> Camera. After disabling the stock cam it just cannot open camera from lockscreen, so it doesn't recognize GCam as "true" App. Any advice...
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    Thread Best current GCam version?

    Hello guys, I would like to try GCam. Which version has been the most successful or which one do you use and has the highest satisfaction in your tests?
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    Thread Question regarding bloatware apps

    Do we have a really reliable list of bloatware apps, i.e. one in which only apps appear that do not have an unpleasant impact on functionality or cause possible malfunctions? Had tested the one from the forum, but had side effects....
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    Thread Anything else to remove here?

    Hi, what else I can remove here safely without having general issues? Not talking about 3rd party apps, only Samsung/Android/Google Bloatware package:com.amazon.mShop.android.shopping package:com.samsung.android.provider.filterprovider package:com.sec.android.app.DataCreate...
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    Thread delete pls

    delete pls
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    Thread System Settings has stopped working

    Hey, my system settings showing now "Settings has stopped working" how can I reinstall them without factory reset?
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    Thread Working/Updated Debloat script???

    Hello guys, i uninstalled some bloatware by hand, my question is now is there an working script out there like the debloater.exe? This debloater exe finding only 2 "bloatwares" for me. Not sure why... Where i find a updated version of this script?