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    Thread Benchmark Blocker?

    Anyone know what this is?
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    Thread Nvidia Shield Tablet Dungeon Defenders Eternity

    If anyone is interested to see how well Dungeon Defenders Eternity runs on the Nvidia Shield Tablet in console mode through HDMI. opYxiqpv2Eg
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    Thread My Verizon Mobile App just asked for superuser permission

    Updated today, 4/8/2014 I tried to make a phone call and My Verizon Mobile asked for superuser permission. I denied it. What is going on?
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    Thread [PSA] Smart Dock HDMI cuts performance in half

    1) Smart Dock works with Note 3 2) Performance is cut up to half naturally because two 1080p screens are being displayed. Example: Anomaly 2 benchmark for the high benchmark I would score over 600k normally, with HDMI I would only score above 300k. Just in case anyone was wondering.
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    Thread [MOD][VZW Edition] Add Wifi toggle to your status bar + more custom status bars LJB

    Another easy mod for you guys. This is only for Verizon Stock with root injected 4.1.1 Build: JRO03C.I605VRALJB Steps: 1) Please mount your system as read/write, extract the files in the attached zip file, and copy: SystemUI.apk to /system/app Make sure you are actually replacing the old...
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    Thread [TIP] Netflix - How to keep player from pausing in multi-window + portrait mode build

    One of the issues with using Netflix in multi-window is that the player pauses when its window loses focus. With this "trick" we can make the Netflix player think the focus was not changed. Thanks to tarheeldan for sharing his experience with it. It's really very easy. 1) Load Netflix and...
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    Thread [MOD][VZW Edition] Add all apps to multi-window build LJB

    This is only for Verizon Stock with root injected 4.1.1 Build: JRO03C.I605VRALJB Steps: 1) Please mount your system as read/write, extract the files in the attached zip file, and copy: FlashBarService.odex to /system/app services.odex to /system/framework Make sure you are actually...
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    Thread [Tutorial] Add additional apps to Multi Window without needing root [Verizon]

    Even though we have a way to root, we lose MultiView. For those that want to keep that feature, it doesn't mean we can't still have some fun! Credit goes to the folks over in the Galaxy Note 10.1 forums. ianbbaa JustFlesh Leppin...
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    Thread Is it possible to move game data to micro SD card?

    I do game a lot on my tablet, so I use a lot of space... Normally I would gone for the 32GB gray model, but I really like the look of the white model, which is only 16GB. I do have a 64GB microSD card, so is there a way to move game data files there instead of the internal memory? I'm not...
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    Thread Greetings from my prime! (picture)

    Taken from the stock camera app in a low lit hotel room.
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    Thread Alternative method for full screen wallpapers

    I really hate Android's default zoom and crop for wallpapers, and for my purposes this method works better than the picSpeed solution. You need the following apps: MultiPicture Live Wallpaper ADWLauncher EX (I don't know if the regular ADW.Launcher supports the no scrolling option)...
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    Thread Watch movies while multitasking! Stick it!

    https://market.android.com/details?id=com.myboyfriendisageek.stickit Works well on the Xperia Play and I can watch movies while I surf the web :D Movies can be moved anywhere on the screen and re-sized on the fly. App is $1.50, please support the dev for his work. :)
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    Thread Shadowgun THD on HDTV through HDMI

    t6XXmFlw0RA Controlled with an Xbox 360 controller. I'm not that good as you can see I died a few times on easy setting :D Interesting to note that it displays movies only on the TV, but in-game rendering on both screens.
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    Thread Verizon Privacy Policy changes

    Verizon is updating their privacy policy, make sure you opt out if you do not want to participate (instructions below): Verizon Wireless will use the following categories of information: Mobile Usage Information: • Addresses of websites you visit when using our wireless service. These data...
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    Thread [Q] Anyone have better emulator performance after O/C?

    I was running CM7 at 1.5 GHz for a day, but I forgot to test out n64oid before going back to stock. Has anyone here had any noticeable increase in emulator performance after an O/C?
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    Thread FPSE and PSXPERIA: Which one to use?

    It's a good thing that we have multiple options in terms of emulation. So which emulator should we use and why? Obviously if a game works for one and not the other, the choice is clear. But what about games that work well on both? What are the differences? Ultimately the choice is your own...
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    Thread Aftermath XHD

    Hectic zombie shooter that is both stressful and fun. Looks really good too! Xperia Play Optimized. RxXht9TR7ME https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jakyl.aftermathxhd
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    Thread PSXPERIA: How to increase compatibility of the native emulator with more games

    With the new PSXPERIA tool we have the ability to run other games on the native emulator. However, it has not been as compatible with as many games as most had hoped. However, there are ways to increase games compatibility by changing certain settings within the native emulator. Games are...
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    Thread Trial Xtreme

    Trial Xtreme works with Xperia Play controls. This is the demo in the video, but the full version works the same way. Arrows control rider lean/tilt, circle to accelerate, X to brake. Demo: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.galapagossoft.trialdemo Full Version...
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    Thread Turbofly 3D

    Although it is not listed as Xperia Play compatible, you can still use the controller in-game Very fun Wipeout clone Directional pad to steer, circle button to shoot Free Demo: https://market.android.com/details?id=net.osaris.turboflydemo Full Game...