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    Post Reverting tripped knox

    Uf relevant on s8 knoxed af. Secure folder perfectly working.. Magisk then riru then LSPosed... PROFIT
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    Post Android 10/11 Fast Battery Drain & Overheating

    Same here, Galaxy S8 on Q It's overheating fast ---> charge rate drops below 300mah... sad face ... I heard somewhere it is a feature introduced in Q ...
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    Post (UPDATED) S10 Press BIXBY for MAX Brightness, MAX GPU, Faster SD Card speed + More

    Hi is there any chances porting this to older devices, i.e. s8 ? Of course with root and on Q ?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][S8/S8+][9.0]Resurrection Remix

    How to safely get back from Q to Pie + no wipe? Really dissapointed (not with team RR ) directipn big G choose and... **** it, pie was last release 4me...
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    Post [KERNEL][EAS][EOL][9/10/TREBLE][G95xF/FD/N] RZ Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S8(+)

    Only kernel that boots my s8 after flashing :) Rest eitger bootloop or else i.e. auto Reboot into dl mode loop... 4.4.194-20200822-0052-ReZero #1 Sat Aug 22 00:56:42 +07 2020 Am i on latest one and is making treble worth it as it equals full wipe :( Ty P.s. On Q RR 8.6 5
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask any Questions [NOOB FRIENDLY]

    Hu My question is.... My s8 (rooted,xposed) is displaying diffrent s/n in settings than on back... What is that symptom of?? Not blacklisted checked that 1st...
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    Post sim card problem

    i have the code i cant input it because if i insert any other sim card it doesent give me a prompt to put in nac code, instead i get SIM CARD NOT DETECTED, only detects my current carrier sim... idk is this a problem with my device or some kind of lock from carrrier?
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    Thread sim card problem

    only detects sim card from home carrier ( device is simlocked ) any other network gives No SIM detected error where it should ask for NAC (which i got now) any ideas? root unlocked bootloader custom rom xposed etc etc... any hints?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 8.5.7 (10)

    Hi Best rom for G950F & G955F, both very long user, however.... On both devices "System UI is not responding" drives me crazy,... No help clearing app cache and all other useless solutions found from google... Im positive it doesent matter clean/dirty install, installed apps, free storage ...