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  1. Marshall1975

    Thread Undervolt Kernel?

    Are there any kernels for 5.1.1 that can undervolt or underclock this phone?
  2. Marshall1975

    Thread Convert G920F to G920I

    I asked the other day about using the G920I modem on my G920F as to improve the poor reception on my phone. The next question I hope anyone can answer is would just converting the whole phone to a G920I using stock rom. The hardware in each phone is exactly the same especially the modem which...
  3. Marshall1975

    Thread Flash G920I Modem on G920F

    I have a G920F at the minute which suffers from poor reception. Now a new modem OF8 have been released for the G920I that improves the poor signal issue. Upon checking out the 2 phones the G920I modem has all the bands that I need even though I have a G920F. LTE 1800/2300, 3g 2100, 2g 900/1800...
  4. Marshall1975

    Thread Am I the only one with awful reception?

    I am on my 3rd S6 now in 3 weeks due to rubbish reception. Im lucky to have 1 bar (-113 db) of 4g signal in my town which has full 4g coverage. If I put the sim card into my G3 or M8 I instantly get full 4g coverage (approx -80 db). Now this is clearly a widespread issue as a quick search of...
  5. Marshall1975

    Thread Looks Like P605 KitKat Is Almost Here

    Not sure if anyone else has seen but verizon is rolling out 4.4.2 now for their P605. Hopefully should be good enough for the devs to push out a rom.
  6. Marshall1975

    Thread Unlocking And Warranty

    Hello Just thought I would let concerned people know that the UK service centre have no problems repairing phones that have been unlocked. I sent mine in last week and they replaced the main board, even though the phone was unlocked and even had a custom rom installed. Spoke to the guy there...
  7. Marshall1975

    Thread Need Language File From Any 3.0.1 Rom

    Hello Im after any language file from any 3.0.1 Rom that contains english if possible. Much appreciated
  8. Marshall1975

    Thread Loss Of 3G On Euro Xoom

    Hello I after some advice please. I went ahead and flashed recovery followed by 3.1 as detailed in the thread but then went and flashed the attached custom boot patch which I now realise was for verizon 3g xooms so now I have a perfectly working euro 3g xoom except I have no 3g or even any...
  9. Marshall1975

    Thread Help with rooting and custom kernal

    Hello Im pretty familiar with gingerbread and run custom roms on my desire hd but am struggling with where to start with my xoom. Are there any simple guides or one click rooting tools. What do I need to do to install a custom kernal etc etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Marshall1975

    Thread Cannot Get Into Bootloader

    Hello Im currently trying to flash a new radio but I cannot enter the Bootloader for some reason. Now when I press down and power on I go straight into ClockworkMod Recovery and not bootloader so I cannot access Fastboot. Any ideas or am I being a complete idiot here. Cheers EDIT: Well have...
  11. Marshall1975

    Thread Has Eng S-Off Replaced Radio S-Off

    Hello My DHD is currently rooted and Radio S-Off. On the bootloader screen it states Ship S-Off so all is good. I have just gone through the procedure to apply Eng S-Off so I can flash a radio and now notice that at the bootloader screen it says Eng S-Off and not Ship S-Off. What im...
  12. Marshall1975

    Thread Got Radio S-Off Need Eng S-Off

    Hello I have currently sorted out my DHD so its Rooted And Radio S-Off so I have no problems flashing custom roms but whats throwing me a little is the need for Eng S-Off so I can flash a newer radio. Im just wondering the simplest way to achieve Eng S-Off plus also I take it there is no...
  13. Marshall1975

    Thread Strange 3g H And G Symbol Behavoir

    Hello I just updated my rom top the 1.66 WWE and have noticed some weird behavoir on the display. Where normally on 2G I would have A large G symbol on the phone when not connected and the same when connected to the net but also with a small G I now have the reverse. When on 2G the large G is...
  14. Marshall1975

    Thread SMS Hotfix Just Around The Corner!!!

    Hello Just to let everyone know I was on the phone to tech support yesterday and the rather informed lad I was speaking to was saying that SMS hotfix to sort out the bag lag and non sending issue will be released in 10 to 14 days. Also the 1.48 ROM is not on the HTC site because its not an...
  15. Marshall1975

    Thread Anyone Managed To Gets Photos In Photo Viewer To Rotate!!!!

    Hello As the topic states im out of ideas on how to get photos to rotate when viewing them. Have tried Gyrator and BSBTweaks but neither of these work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers
  16. Marshall1975

    Thread Gyrator And HTC Album

    Hello Just a quick one here. Has anyone managed to get Gyrator to rotate photos that are opened within the HTC album. Have tried alsorts but to no avail. If anyone has then I would love to get the settings from them. Cheers
  17. Marshall1975

    Thread How To Get Photos In Album To Rotate

    Hello I have installed Gyrator to help with rotating photos in the albums. Im stuffed if I can sort it out. I find it strange that photos under album do not rotate. The only way to get them to rotate is open the pictures and videos tab but this means putting all my albums in the DCIM foler...
  18. Marshall1975

    Thread Just Spoke To HTC About Text Lagging Conversation Mode.

    Hello Just been chatting to tech support at HTC Europe about the slow texting in conversation mode with more than 30 or so messages in it and the nice fellow advised me that the quickest way to have the issue sorted out is to ring tech support so they can raise the issue on their system. He...
  19. Marshall1975

    Thread Where Is My Co-Pilot Trial

    Hello I was under the impression a trial version of co pilot came with the HD2. Now i may be being a bit of an indiot here but im damned if i can find it anywhere. Does anyone know where on the phone it is. Am on T-Mobile UK so just hoping they have not removed it. Cheers
  20. Marshall1975

    Thread How To Unlcok HD2 Registry

    Hello Im trying to alter a few registry entries but am unable to as everytime I try I get an Access Denied error. Have tried using ceregeditor to unlock it but it does not work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks