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    Thread [Q] SM-G900S repack tool

    Any body has repack tool for galaxy s5(SM-G900S) kernel? I do have unpack tool, but repack tool I have is not working. When I use unmkbootimg made by kuisma below messages shown. unmkbootimg version 1.2 - Mikael Q Kuisma <[email protected]> Kernel size 8360752 Kernel address 0x8000 Ramdisk size...
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    Thread [Q] [GT-P3100][Kernel] Compiled kernel does not boot!

    Hi, I'm trying to boot my galaxy tab2 7 with compiled kernel. First, I downloaded kernel source from http://opensource.samsung.com. I download GT-P3100_JB_Opensource_Update2.zip file and extract it. To compile, I followed ketut.kumajaya's thread...