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    Thread [Q] hardware acceleration on sense 3.5

    hi all!:D i want to know is there a way.to enable 3d hardware acceleration on sense3.5-based gingerbread roms? cwm patch zips are very welcome:D also roms, etc.:p i dont mean gpu-rendered ui.:p cause we have it already:p on htc g7, their sense 3.5 may be hw. acc.ed because wallpaper preview...
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    Thread [Q] Rom Choice between dhd and dz

    hi all i've downloaded dhd and dz by dungphp but dont know which to choose. in fact, dhd have 1g cpu and 768 ram but dz 0.8 cpu and 512ram can we say dz's rom is more faster? thx
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    Thread [Q] How to Andrev OC Daemon

    I installed Andrev OC Daemon from the Daemon Controller app. from TBD3.1 into RCMix3D Rinny v5.1 but the daemon is not active. How can I active it? By default in the app. it said 'active daemon:none', and i also tried to install the daemon in the tweaks but it does not work as well:( thx for...
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    Thread clk 1.5-rc0:bug found and suggestions

    i have tried clk 1.5-rc0 it's excellent and have a suggestion and a bug feedback bug: fastboot text overlaid the menu maybe can be put under the powerdown option and been scrollable. suggestion:clk1.5-rc0 that is to put 'android nand' and 'android emmc' option behind recovery and settings...
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    Thread [Q] Problem installing BPSense Desire HD v2.2,pls help,thx!

    Hi everyone:) I flashed BPSense Desire HD v2.2 yesterday into my EU HD2 /w 512MB EXT3 on card and it god stuck at the first splash screen :((HTC w/ no Quietly Brilliant), I've been waiting for half and hour and it didn't move a bit. I used cfg file below misc ya 1M recovery rrecov|ro|nospr...