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  1. J

    Post Dex on PC mode

    I can't get dex to work on my phone. I have a USBC hub that works fine connected to a monitor with my Tab S4 but when I plug in my phone with the same setup I get nothing on the screen. I see in the notifications that Dex is running and the mouse that's plugged into the dock moves around on...
  2. J

    Post Google Pixel 5: what we want to see

    Brighter screen is my #1 Bigger batter would be nice and more video recording options
  3. J

    Post Google battery drain after December update?

    Yup me too. dropping 20-30% overnight
  4. J

    Post AT&T wifi calling on unlocked 4 XL

    Not working for me. Had two chat sessions with AT&T about it. They told me it's googles problem (right).
  5. J

    Post won't deep sleep

    Now I'm getting the following wakelocks. Dropped from almost 100% to 66% overnight IPA_CLIENT_APPS_LAN_CONS IPA_WS and one other I cant remember The only mention of these I can find is in an xda thread on galaxy s10+ I found here The regular battery monitor said google ran all night. 8 hrs...
  6. J

    Post GPS issues?

    Started working for me also after turning wifi and bluetooth scanning back on. I also cleared cache on google maps and waze and rebooted. So something in there got it working again
  7. J

    Post Is anyone else annoyed with all of the seemingly negative reviews everywhere?

    I just wanted a brighter screen. I work outside a lot and couldn't see the damn thing (compared to s10+). I liked everything else about the phone. Not a heavy users so battery life wasn't a big deal to me but not being able to see the screen was a deal breaker. way to dim at full brightness
  8. J

    Thread GPS issues?

    All of a sudden my GPS has stopped working. I've restarted the phone I've shut down the apps that use GPS. I've revoked permission to use GPS and given it back. No mapping app will work What should I try next?
  9. J

    Post won't deep sleep

    Hey, you have deep sleep on yours. I'm jealous!!! lol. Mine has none
  10. J

    Post won't deep sleep

    I'm in the same boat. I have no deep sleep on mine today. So subscribing to get ideas
  11. J

    Post Battery....

    I got it Thursday the 24th. So this is day 4 I turned off scanning in settings to see if that helps. I don't have any smart watches to nothing connected to it generally In the last two hours with the phone sitting on my desk it's been awake for 1 hr 40 minutes. Only been off charger for 1:50
  12. J

    Post Battery....

    I'm in the same boat. I'm not a heavy user, don't really care about screen on time but the idle drain has been awful. I went to bed last night at 93% and woke up with 77%. 16% drain overnight?? I would expect like 4-6% I've got ambient display turned off and my phone sits on the nightstand...
  13. J

    Thread Notifications / Ringtones

    First OnePlus device. Trying to get everything setup. I've copied all my Notification tones to the Notification folder and ringtones to Ringtones etc but when I go into the device notification sounds not everything is showing up. Some of my sounds are but not all. I've tried system...
  14. J

    Post Obtaining ATT Specific Functions On An Unlocked Phone

    I kinda doubt it but did any of you with unlocked phones that flashed the AT&T firmware get any better service? I've been considering it to get VOLTE but just wondered
  15. J

    Post 4k 60fps on sd????

    You're right. There's a message that pops up about saving to internal storage when you try to record
  16. J

    Post 4k 60fps on sd????

    Mine let me pick the highest resolution video and have the SD card option. Hmm, didn't attach 2 pictures Well I can show another picture when I get to computer but yes it seems to work
  17. J

    Post Frequent call drop

    Yes. I’m about to return because of it. Drop constantly. I’m unlocked on AT&T in downtown Atlanta. I've dropped almost every call I've been on more than 15 minutes. edit: new SIM card does not seem to solve issue for me
  18. J

    Post How do you change video frame rate to 60fps.

    I'm thinking anything over 30 fps is "slow motion" only. Still looking around myself b/c I'd love the 240 fps for videoing my golf swing
  19. J

    Post Contacts not syncing on beta DP4

    factory reset on DP4 fixed it for me also. Thanks bill10
  20. J

    Post Contacts not syncing on beta DP4

    Yup same for me. Was having battery issues so I factory reset DP3. Contacts won't sync and still not syncing with DP4. Tried clear data, clear cache etc. Might end up going back to 8 if it works there
  21. J

    Post Top 5

    Hangouts Chamberlain (garage door) Nest (thermostat) Yaata Man.. I'm an old man
  22. J

    Post List the Bloatware you'd recommend to get rid off !

    It's a wireless communication protocol. There are a lot of sports devices that use it. In a former life I was a triathlete and my HR sensor, power meter on my bike and cadence sensor etc all used ANT. I can use an application like Triainer Road which will pick up the devices and read the data...
  23. J

    Post Samsung S9+ or Pixel 2 XL

    Man tough decision. On my desk in front of me I've got a S9+ P2XL Note 8 iPhoneX yes I have a problem and yes at least 2 need to be sold. Right off the bat I'd say they're all great phones but I'm having a tough time deciding between the P2XL and S9+. I like a lot of things about both...
  24. J

    Thread notification sounds

    My notification sounds will randomly stop working and I have to reboot to get them back. Is anyone else having this issue? I've toggled sound Changed notification sounds Nothing but reboot will get them to start working again
  25. J

    Post Front Camera

    Ya. The front camera failed the hardware test as I mentioned so I'll return it tomorrow
  26. J

    Post Front Camera

    Ya I factory reset it. Same issue. I'll work on returning I suppose
  27. J

    Thread Front Camera

    I think my front camera is broke. I just got my Note 8 and went to setup both Iris and Face unlock and neither would work. I was fiddling around and opened the camera app and went to selfie mode and the camera app keeps working but the screen freezes and no picture from the front camera on the...
  28. J

    Post My Pixel 2 Randomly shut off

    My P2XL (before getting P2) would reboot when I was away from home and connected to an open wifi and googles VPN was running. When I turned off the VPN or Wifi the phone would stop rebooting. Just a thought
  29. J

    Post Anyone transition to the Pixel 2 from an s8?

    Samsung is more saturated which I don't mind. I'm not a screen junkie. I miss a little bit of screen real estate. I liked the P2XL screen except for the blue. that was awful. I still have my S8+. It will come down to bluetooth in the next week if I return the P2
  30. J

    Post Anyone transition to the Pixel 2 from an s8?

    Like above the only thing I miss about the s8 is Samsung Pay. Bluetooth on the samsung seems to work a little better IMO. My car and BT headphones seem fine but other bluetooth gadgets seem a little flakey (golf gizmos etc). I had the P2XL and sent it back. I've enjoyed the size and screen...
  31. J

    Post Just finished installing a Dbrand Reverse Panda skin on my Clearly White

    I like that setup. it looks good. If I didn't want the magnet for the car mount so bad I'd probably do something similar but alas for the metal plate have to use the case.. lol
  32. J

    Post 8.1 Dev 1 Bluetooth Disconnects

    I've had bluetooth devices disconnect on 8.0 and 8.1. Headphones have been ok. My Truck (Ford Sync) will disconnect very randomly and then connect back. Normally when I'm on the phone. I have a couple of golf gizmos that connect with bluetooth and they will disconnect randomly also
  33. J

    Post Have you returned/cancelled your Pixel 2 XL or kept it?

    I have until Friday to make up my mind. I like a lot of things about the phone. Don't favor some things. Feel the same about my GS8+ though. My blue tint comes pretty quick when looking at angles, can't say I notice unless I'm really looking for it. The bezel of mine has also chipped and I...
  34. J

    Post Charging speed

    Shocked as you are but that's what it said. Phone was not used during charging test except to unlock and check battery %
  35. J

    Post Charging speed

    I did a test similar to yours using the provided charger Started at 15% also 10 minutes - 52% 20 minutes - 64% 30 minutes - 66% 40 minutes - 70% 50 minutes - 77% 60 minutes - 83% 70 minutes - 89% 80 minutes - 92% 90 minutes - 95% 100 minutes - 97% 110 minutes - 98% 120 minutes - 100% I can...
  36. J

    Post Best Skins?

    I've used Toast skins before (toastmade.com) on my Nexus 6P. Cool idea. Gave them custom artwork and they laser etched it. Fit well also. Would use again. Thicker than slickwraps and dbrand etc though
  37. J

    Post Car Charger Recommendations?

    I ordered this one. Supposed to have PowerDrive I'm pretty sure https://goo.gl/fsGaeE I just don't believe this phone charges very fast which is making me change my style of charging. I normally only charged on the way to work and way home (20 min each way) with my S8+ and kept it above 90%...
  38. J

    Post Standby drain

    Mine is dropping that much if not more overnight also. Only thing in the battery settings is "Android OS"
  39. J

    Post Bluetooth is a joke!

    Headphones/Truck have been fine for me but I have a gamegolf device which connects via bluetooth and every time I get a text or call while playing golf the gamegolf device disconnects. I'm still testing and don't know if it's a gamegolf issue or phone issue but it's annoying.
  40. J

    Post USB type C cables and chargers

    I have this. It charged my Pixel XL fast and my wifes galaxy s8+ fast. Why won't it charge the P2XL fast? https://goo.gl/oahi4X
  41. J

    Post Post your Home Screen setup

    I found it on twitter https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DIvWIzUXYAABz2K?format=jpg&name=large Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  42. J

    Post Those that chose 32gb, do you regret it?

    My pictures/videos auto upload to smugmug and I use google play music so I've got 15G free on my 32G phone right now. Also no games either
  43. J

    Post Anyone have their Gear s3 on Pixel ??

    Cool thanks, last question for now. Do you have a messaging app on the apps screen? Is that possible?
  44. J

    Post Anyone have their Gear s3 on Pixel ??

    How did you install S-Voice? Download apk and install?? I don't see it in play store
  45. J

    Post Anyone have their Gear s3 on Pixel ??

    Have you guys gotten text messages and responding to work or is that Svoice and Samsung messaging app only?
  46. J

    Post Screen on time

    Im at 30% left and 3 hrs of screen time. I don't get close to what some of you guys / gals get
  47. J

    Post Post your Home Screen setup

    KWGT. I modified one of their default ones to my liking Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  48. J

    Post Post your Home Screen setup

    Boring but I get a chuckle out of the grinch and my daughter loves it