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    Thread If I switch to phone while having bluetooth set on, Phone app will switch back

    to bluetooth - is this a known problem? It also can get into a loop where it continuously switches between phone / bluetooth and the only way to stop it is to disconnect
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    Thread 8.1 - notification sounds are not playing...

    I have made sure of... 1) Volume is on for the ringer 2) Do not disturb is not enable 3) I can hear the audio from apps - youtube videos, podcasts, music etc This only started happening with the latest update. After a certain point during up time, I no longer will hear any notification...
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    Thread Why do I have to use an app like Clean Master to deal with out of space issues

    I think the frequency is once every month but for some reason when free space hits 450mb I can no longer install any app updates as the OS will complain I'm out of space. The only way to address this is to use clean master to clear out what appears to be junk files Now the most perplexing part...
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    Thread Has anyone bought a battery replacement for the 8.4 tab s and can recommend?

    I'm looking to replace the battery in mine and I see a bunch of options on eBay that look like OEM but probably aren't. Hoping someone has a vendor recommendation
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    Thread Is there a way to confirm whether my sd card is treated as adopted?

    I'm not 100% sure it is since I had to move some apps but I was wondering if there was a way to confirm this.
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    Thread Source for replacement batteries?

    Not seeing myself buying a new tablet any time soon but the battery eventually will force me to. Unless of course I can change out the battery. Anyone have recommendations? There are two on Amazon. One of them has mixed reviews so probably going to avoid. The other costs twice as much and...
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    Thread Xposed framework for 6.0.1?

    Hey guys. I haven't messed with Xposed framework since there was an alpha for Tab S when we got 5.0.1. I've been using the same one since. Anyway, I'm wondering if there is a version that I should be using that is compatible. Really the only reason I need this is so that I can change the...
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    Thread Watch constantly disconnecting...

    I see an old thread from 2014 about others having issues. I didn't start having issues until several months ago and not sure why it's been acting up. Anyone know if there is a way to resolve it?
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    Thread Any recommendations for a compact backup battery that will quick charge the 6p?

    Looking for a battery backup that isn't massive in size (10oz or so) and will quick charge the 6p. Anyone have suggestions?
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    Thread So does Google offer a service to replace battery?

    I was just looking at iFixit's teardown and it seems like it's a bit of a pain to manage compared to older phones I've done battery replacements for. Wondering if Google has some service that you can pay to switch out the battery. I do have Amex's extended warranty but likely battery issues...
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    Thread Youtube App on Fire Stick - every video starts up with audio issues...

    So I just recently got an Amazon Fire Stick and wanted to use it for Youtube viewing. Even though I can watch 1080p shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix without issue, every Youtube video I've tried starts out with audio skipping. It always corrects itself after a second or two but I rather it...
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    Thread Google Play Music Family Plan - device limitation?

    Does anyone know what the device limitation is? Is it still 10 devices for the account? It's fine if it is but I can't seem to find any detail around it.
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    Thread What triggers the screen to come on

    I keep noticing the screen turn on when I'm holding the phone in my hand. I'm not pressing the power button Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Thread Drivers for the Nexus 6p?

    Wondering what I should use
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    Thread What's a good usb c to c cable that is greater than 6ft?

    Both cables included with the 6p are too short for my use cases. I've bought a C to USB 2 cable but I'm having trouble finding USB C cables longer than 6ft. Also I've noticed that there are plenty of issues with cables that are advertised as rated as one thing but really another
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    Thread May be silly to ask - can I use quick chargers?

    I know Qualcomm quick charging isn't supported but any harm in using the chargers. I don't expect it to be any quicker than a regular charger but I just want to be able to charge at work while I'm waiting on getting another charger Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Thread Best way to transfer photos to phone without losing date?

    I'm used to just having everything on a memory card which is not option here obviously Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Thread Anyone use Last pass? I'm constantly being signed out

    Not sure if it's just not updated for Marshmallow but it's signing itself out every other time I needed it Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Thread AT&T Wifi - anyone tried this?

    I get AT&T WiFi at work which is really helpful considering the crappy connection I would get otherwise. It didn't occur to me till just now that it will no longer work on the Nexus. I just grabbed the wispr apk from my Note 4 but I'm not really sure if that will work and still haven't...
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    Thread App Storage vs Storage Card? Just 10gb showing for App Storage under DiskUsage app

    I'm a little confused when viewing DiskUsage. I get two options to check - App Storage and Storage Card. When I check App Storage it's already almost its max which is 10gb (about 200mb left). Does this mean I won't be able to install any more apps? I'll return the phone just for this
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    Thread Anyone on AT&T? Have a question about the nano sim...

    So my phone arrives today but I have a Note 4 which doesn't have a nano. Will I be able to just walk into an AT&T store to get a sim without the phone or will they want me to have the phone with me? Sent from my Note 4
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    Thread so what is best way to transfer app data from my Note 4 to the 6p?

    Helium still the best way when considering my Note 4 is locked? it did not work perfectly when I move from my Samsung s3 to the note but not sure if Helium is really my only option I definitely want to move over my sms/mms
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    Thread So Note 4 users that are planning to upgrade but got 5.1.1 recently..

    Still planning on switching to the new nexus? I pre ordered thinking it would be some time before AT&T pushed out the update but they surprised everyone by releasing over the weekend. The phone feels new again and makes me wonder if I need to really upgrade before my two year contract is up...
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    Thread Android Pay - anyone else having issues?

    Wallet seemed to be more reliable before the app was split up If I have the phone already unlocked, it doesn't seem to ever want to pick up the scan. Do I have to lock it to get it to work? Sent from my Note 4
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    Thread Why is the download cache at 4gbs?

    This happens on my Tab S as well - never happened till Lollipop. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? On my tab I use Clean Master. On my Note 4, I'm just clearing the cache through App settings
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    Thread The lag is ridiculous - any way to identify app(s) causing it? Any chance it needs

    I've been dealing with lag for quite some time. I even tried formatting and reinstalling to see if that would help. Waste of time I tried uninstalling apps that seem to stay open all the time but that didn't help Not sure what else to do Sent from my Note 4
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    Thread Is Samsung kies backup / restore reliable?

    The lag on my phone has gotten unbearable and I can't seem to isolate it to any one app. Thinking of doing a factory refresh but I don't want to lose my data like messages and app settings Sent from my Note 4
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    Thread AT&T Note 4 - connecting to the VR does nothing...

    I checked to see if I could uninstall the apps from my downloaded apps but that's not an option either. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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    Thread Any app I can use for inactive alerts?

    I like something to remind me every 20-30 mins to get up. The Samsung app helps with this but it seems to not remind me again if it already alerted me. I want it to happen regardless every 20 minutes. I thought the 360 would have something built in but doesn't look like it Sent from my Note 4
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    Thread Chrome - gets stuck while scrolling down

    This happens quite a lot to me while browsing the Web on phone. While scrolling down it looks like Chrome has locked up but eventually it starts scrolling again. Anyone else had this issue and addressed it?
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    Thread Hangouts - merge sms and hangouts ( unable to)

    I'm not sure what I did but the Hangouts app no longer merges sms and hangouts. I have the option checked in sms but they remain separate. It was fine before I signed out of hangouts and signed back in
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    Thread Use a symbolic link to move data folder of an app - possible?

    I can't seem to locate where Next Issue is downloading magazines too. My tablet only has 16gb on board so I'm hoping I can point the app to my external card where there is plenty of room. Is there any way to figure out where the data is stored so I can create a symlink? Diskusage just jumps...
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    Thread [Q]3gbs for thumbnails?

    I keep running into space issues as my tablet only has 16gb on board and part of the reason is that MX Player seems to be auto generating thumbnails. I actually don't need or want thumbnails to be generated - is there a way to disable? Or write to an external card? Though, it would be even...
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    Thread Always on OK Google - do you have that option?

    The support page for it actually lists the Note 4 as a supported device but I don't see the option to enable it https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/6031948?hl=en Sent from my Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Restore stock recovery without losing data

    Hi. It's been a while since I've done any flashing etc so not exactly sure about this. Is there a way to flash stock recovery without data loss? I restored my s3 to stock before giving it to my niece but didn't realize twrp was still on there. I guess the phone is trying to get an ota...
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    Thread [Q] Is there a way to adjust the font size of apps without root?

    I just bought the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and not sure if I can get used to the font size throughout. Some reading apps have the option to increase font size but many apps don't I know I can make adjustments using Xposed Framework. I just want to avoid tripping Knox given the device is so new...
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    Thread AT&T smart WiFi - worth it?

    I just disabled the app as I got annoyed by the notifications but I never really had the app actually turn off / on WiFi. Wondering if anyone is actually using it and can comment on its usefulness I used to use Smart WiFi ( paid ) but stop using it because it stopped working properly and dev...
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    Thread AT&T smart WiFi — worth using?

    I just disabled the app as I got annoyed by the notifications but I never really had the app actually turn off / on WiFi. Wondering if anyone is actually using it and can comment on its usefulness I used to use Smart WiFi ( paid ) but stop using it because it stopped working properly and dev...
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    Thread Do you use Tasker? Icon grid size resizing

    Hey guys. I can't seem to be able to resize the grid icon window so the icons end up being really small on the Note 4. Anyone able to help with this? It's still usable but just annoyingly small Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
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    Thread Google Voice for Visual voicemail - Switch service under the phone settings?

    If so, should I expect Hangouts to now ring when it bounces to that? When I was on my S3, I never heard hangouts ring at all. Now on Note 4, not only does it take a while for the person calling to get the voicemail prompt, my computer will ring as well since I have the hangouts extension...
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    Thread [Q] Besides recent apps, a quick way to switch between current and most recent?

    While I study for the GRE, I do a lot of switching between OneNote and some other app ( eg dictionary ). Considering the slowness of loading recent apps, it gets a bit annoying considering the number of times I need to switch between the two. Hoping for a way to switch between the two most...
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    Thread USB cable for quick charge?

    I bought two Qualcomm Quick Charge universal chargers but it seems like I need cables meant for quick charging as well. I only get the quick charging notification if I use the cable that came with my Note 4. Does anyone know what I need to look for in a cable so it's compatible?
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    Thread Fingerprint scanner working well for you?

    I'm not sure if it's my phone or if it just doesn't work well but having loads of issues with it. Sometimes it works repeatedly other times it just won't recognize my finger. Not sure what to do about it Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
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    Thread Anyone using Hangouts Dialer? I don't want it ringing if I get a call to my main...

    Anyone know if it's possible to disable this
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    Thread Trying to go back from stock from 4.4.3 Pacman - possible?

    I keep getting errors in Odin and it's likely due to what I'm trying to flash. Is there a 4.4.x official stock rom? Do I have to use 4.3 instead?
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    Thread Anyone else having trouble with the finger print reader?

    I feel like I need to watch a tutorial to check what the appropriate swipe is. Sometimes I get it a bunch of times in a row. Sometimes I can't get at all for over 10 tries
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    Thread Is there a way to retain icon layout on the home screens when switching..

    Between launchers? I'd like to give Google Now a try but I really rather not go through the process of organizing all my shortcuts again. And I'm not sure if it is possible to back them up after I do switch like I can in Nova. For example, if I switch to Google Now, does it have an option to...
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    Thread Is there a quick way to get to home without using the home button?

    A gesture or another Shortcut? I tried setting it up using Nova but I couldn't find a way to add the shortcut Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Some apps are no longer showing an option to save to external card...

    I just got my Note 4 today and I'm trying to restore all my apps and set them to behave the same way... 1) Helium does not give me an option to restore or save from the external card 2) Smart recorder - doesn't give me an option to browse my External card Those are the only two I've tried so...
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    Thread Spritz app. Only available on S5

    I thought I would check to see if I could use / install on my Note 4 but not seeing it