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    Thread [APP][FREE][2.2+] Chat it Out - Android Messenger

    Description A new android-based messenger has been released. With android icons and funny emotion icons, you'll enjoy chatting with friends or new friends anywhere via 3G or WiFi. Simple to use and can send offline messages by push notifications. Yo! Why bother to try when it's free, Check it...
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    Post Three word story

    Oh my God
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    Post You know you're rooted / a n00b when.....

    You know what you know, you won't know if you don't even try to know:cool:
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    Post [DISCUSSION] What's the first phone you've ever owned?

    Wow, long long time ago, what i remember is just Nokia, can't figure out the model
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    Post Best performance smartphone?

    No doubt that Samsung Galaxy is a good choice, but HTC is another one I like too:cowboy:
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    Post The "Welcome to XDA" Thread

    Hello everyone~ just join this forum for a several days, like to find good apps and development tips, have a nice day:laugh:
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    Post 128 gb microsd...when is enough ENOUGH!

    Computer tools will be cheaper and cheaper from time to time. The time i bought the first SD was just 1GB, lol
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    Post [POLL] [DISCUSSION] What case do you currently use on your phone ?

    I don't use a case and can hold it more easily
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    Post Sony Ericsson LiveView™ Issues

    Pairing was a pain from the let-go. After that, the bluetooth connection keeps on dropping. Once it's dropped, I have to re-pair the device as it won't re-establish the connection, no matter what I do.