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    Post Xposed Module: Keyboard Suggestions Blacklist

    Released now, let me know how it's working!
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    Post Xposed Module: Keyboard Suggestions Blacklist

    I have it working again with the latest Google Keyboard. I refactored the code some so in theory it should be a little easier to add support for other versions of the keyboards. I should have a new build up before Monday.
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    Post Xposed Module: Keyboard Suggestions Blacklist

    I'd like to build in support for multiple keyboards soon. I am working now to fix it for the Google Keyboard first, then I'll look at the Android one.
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    Post Xposed Module: Keyboard Suggestions Blacklist

    Sorry, I have not. I really would like to get this working but I won't have the time this week for sure.
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    Post Xposed Module: Keyboard Suggestions Blacklist

    Sure I'll take a look at it this week if I get a chance, thanks for letting me know!
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    Post Xposed Module: Keyboard Suggestions Blacklist

    It should work with other phones and Roms, but hooking methods by name and signature is iffy. It could be that a particular ROM has changed the package or class name. It's hard to say. At this point, I personally have only tried on vanilla 4.4 on a Nexus 4, but I know at least one person has it...
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    Post Xposed Module: Keyboard Suggestions Blacklist

    Can you explain the problems you're having a little more detailed? When you long-press, you should get a Toast message saying that the word was added. Are you seeing that? It currently doesn't delete the word that was entered though. Is that what you mean? What phone/ROM are you on? Sent from...
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    Thread Xposed Module: Keyboard Suggestions Blacklist

    Hi folks, This is a little module that started out as a PoC but turned into something that I find useful. I use swiping on the Google Keyboard and found that sometimes it would detect words or offer suggestions that I would never type. I had previously used Swype and so not being able to...
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    Post SD Card not reading on Phone or on PC.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. You won't find much in the way of SD card diagnostic tools on Android, it would probably be easiest to boot into Linux and use some of the tools there, or else find one for Windows (in my experience most are paid apps).
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    Post Need your opportunity :)

    Since you're here in the General forum you might need to explain what the purpose of this tool is for non-developers, or give some more details. It's possible that there would be interest in it but I don't think anyone knows what the use cases are from your description. :good:
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    Post update ota 4.4 to 4.4.2

    You could try sideloading the update. This thread has tons of information: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2145848
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    Post [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here!

    Thanks for listing my module here. I don't have enough posts, but I plan to start a thread for it once I do. I'm fairly comfortable with the current release but it's a pretty early version. I find it useful though and thought others would. Before going to the Play Store I'd like to: 1) Get an...
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    Post [Q] Bluetooth will not switch on

    I haven't had any problems or heard of any problems with bluetooth on 4.4.2. Did you try an earlier version of 4.4? Could you try making an image/backup and doing a full wipe and upgrading to 4.4.2?
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    Post Best looking Nexus 4 case

    I have an EveCase for my Nexus 4, it was cheap but I wouldn't get another. The stand broke as I was trying to use it for the first time and it is really bulky. It feels nice and solid in there though.
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    Post SD Card not reading on Phone or on PC.

    Can you unlock the lock screen without the card in the device? Have you tried a different card? Do you have important data on the card? You may need to enlist someone who can use an SD card recovery program to try to make an image of the card for analysis and recovery.
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    Post CyanogenMod installer and cwm

    It shouldn't matter no. In reality the toolkit doesn't give you a whole lot, flashing a recovery (CWM or TWRP) is pretty straightforward if you have fastboot working. Download fastboot (and ADB, why not) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=42407269 Download CWM...
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    Post [Q] App development help?

    Jsoup is a nice library especially since it can handle fetching the document for you (not always desirable though) and has a familiar jQuery-like syntax. I've used it in projects before and it's pretty quick to get going with.
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    Post how to read video on lg e400

    Depends on the site, do you have the URL? Most Android devices can't use flash for instance, so those videos won't work. It could also be a corrupted video file on the website, are you able to view on PC? Can you tell what type of video it is?