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    Post Xperia System Update

    Nougat arrived for CE1 customisation this night!
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    Post Xperia System Update

    How is camera after update? Is it any better?
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    Post Xperia System Update

    Mutiwindow will be available in Nougat?
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    Post Any way to disable Sony apps without root?

    You can always try to completely disable notifications from the app
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    Post Camera this year is better than expected (with brief review)

    What's the point of putting 23mpix camera when only 8mpix can take good pictures?
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    Post Some Questions from users of X compact

    In my opinion camera could be better. I had Z3c, Z5c and now Xc and image quality was degrading, especially when there is not enough light.
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    Post New firmware with November security patches (34.1.A.3.49)

    yes, it was working before. I don't think it should be plug issue. Three rings are usually for headphones with mic and standard headset delivered with the device is with mic.
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    Post No ROMs so far?

    Z5c is also supported by AOSP and there's also not much custom ROMs;) I guess so far biggest issue is this device is quite new and not so many devs bought it
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    Post New firmware with November security patches (34.1.A.3.49)

    I noticed after the upgrade when I'm plugging the headphones they are automatically disconnected after two seconds. I'm not able to listen to music right now.
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    Post Xperia keyboard port

    Yes, it's missing learn my words option(from Gmail etc).
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    Thread Xperia keyboard port

    Hi Can anyone port Xperia keyboard to our Xc? In my opinion It was better than SwiftKey. I installed Xperia keyboard apk but some of its features are unavailable. Thanks a lot
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    Thread Loud vibrations

    Hi Guys Do any of you have problem with loud vibrations? When I'm on silent mode It's easier to hear when phone is vibrating rather than feel it. Even key feedback is very loud comparing to Z5c/Z3c.
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    Thread FXP builds

    Hi Guys Did anyone try FXP builds of MM? http://uploaded.net/f/53n94q Last build was on 31st of August.
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    Thread Preparation for Xperia X System UI

    Hi guys I'd like to install Xperia X system ui on my Z5c right now running stock Central Europe fw .253. Can you advise which steps should I take in order to do that? Should I backup my DRM keys? Thanks in advance!
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    Post [Official][ROM] Paranoid Android ROM [Z5C]

    Did you try other camera app?
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    Post [REQUEST] Samsung keyboard dump

    This is what I've been searching for: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aitype.android.tablet
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    Thread [REQUEST] Samsung keyboard dump

    Hi I'm using CM 11 and only thing I miss from stock ROM is keyboard - to be specific that feature which makes it small and floating. Can anyone post dump of that keyboard? Or maybe someone knows CM11-like replacement for that feature ;) Regards
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    Post [RECOVERY] [CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 [SM-T5XX]

    Guys, I can't install this recovery. I'm entering Download mode, plugging to PC, start ODIN, Log says "Added", I'm deselecting Auto restart, I'm choosing philz_touch_6.58.7-matissewifi.img via PDA button, pressing START and I Still got Android recovery...help?
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    Post [ROOT] [Towelroot] Tab 4 - 8.0 and 10.0

    For me worked installing supersu from market ;)
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    Post [Q] Big Problem With Cm11 GT-I8262

    pepmat It doesn't matter which one... modynet99 CM** is useless right now because of things you've pointed ;)
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    Thread [Q] How to get 3g dongle working

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get working USB 3g dongle with OTG cable? I have ZTE MF100 modem, Easy OTG Checker correctly found it but I don't really know what to do next. Regards
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    Post [ROM] Maxtrop V 4.1 For GALAXY Core I8260

    What's zipalising?
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    Post [ROM][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10.0 20150916 [STABLE BETA!]

    If you could write normally and not with abbreviations like 13 years old girl you could be even more understandable
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    Post Closed

    Why is it in general?
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    Post Our situation with custom ROMs

    We have no custom ROM, only stock-based themed ROMs so just use whichever you find "most attractive" looking ;) [off-top] I think, for starter, you should use even more emotes to emphasise your post.
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    Post [DEV][NovaFusion] CyanogenMod Development for Galaxy Core

    Guys, mods cleaned this thread like three times since beginning of existance and you are still spamming....belive me, it won't be quicker if you write thousand times "waiting" or "thanks" but it only makes much, much harder to find any valuable info in thread(besides making mods angry). So...
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    Post [DEV][NovaFusion] CyanogenMod Development for Galaxy Core

    Marcin, Technically speaking - is TWRP recovery better than CWM? Besides, as far as I know CM is supporting only CWM but I might be wrong.
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    Post [DEV][NovaFusion] CyanogenMod Development for Galaxy Core

    In Poland easiest to find is i8260 because our local carriers are offering only that one.
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    Post Best custom rom

    We don't have any custom rom right now. Only modded stock-based ;)
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    Post New updates!Read!

    Look how long we've been fighting for any attention from Samsung. Do you really think that after 4.2.2(pointless in my opinion) upgrade we'll ever get another one? Beside, there's no need to pass all of the previous versions to get KitKat.
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    Post New updates!Read!

    Why 4.2.2? it brings nothing new to Android....We should ask for KitKat
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    Post OpenGL configuration app

    Maybe paste link from Play Store?
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    Post [q] galaxy core heating issue!

    Even after long playing phone gets hot.
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    Post Kit-Cat [Build 4 ] For Samsung galaxy core duos GT-I8262

    Read carefully - it is a JB 4.1.2 rom
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    Post Kit-Cat [Build 4 ] For Samsung galaxy core duos GT-I8262

    4.1. Name of the ROM is bit confusing ;)
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    Post Kit-Cat [Build 4 ] For Samsung galaxy core duos GT-I8262

    This is not KitKat! it is just JB rom(4.1.2) styled to look like KitKat
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    Post Earbuds Volumen / Galaxy Core

    I got same problem - I think it is just the way our Core is ;)
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    Post [MOD][GT-I8260][GT-I8262] SG S5 Toggle Icons

    Reupload screeenshot!
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    Post [ROM] CM-11 for Galaxy Core beta 1

    Exactly ;)
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    Post [ROM] CM-11 for Galaxy Core beta 1

    There's no custom(not stock-based) ROM built for any Core.
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    Thread Choppy sound from Music Player

    Hi Recently I got problem with choppy sound in music player after I lock screen. I don't know what could be issue because. I'm running stock ROM with, InfinityKernel. No matter which governor/scheduler I use effect is the same. Any help?
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    Post [BETA][KERNEL][DEV] Infinity Kernel for Galaxy Core

    @op I recently discovered and issue on Your kernel - when I set governor to smartassV2 the cpu frequency sticks at 100%(measured with No-frills CPU) and it is not dropping down. I will provide you any logs/files You need to have to check this issue.
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    Post I got 4.2 in core!!

    There's nothing to upload. Someone is trolling us ;)
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    Post [ROM] CM-11 for Galaxy Core beta 1

    CRT animation is not important right now - we should focus on 100% working rom(WiFi, BT and other) rather than eyecandy ;)
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    Post I got 4.2 in core!!

    For now every site with samsung firmware statuses are not showing any update ;) Besides, even if we receive android 4.2 update it is still very poor update. No revolution or even evolution since 4.1 which we have now.