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  1. J

    Thread GPS issues?

    All of a sudden my GPS has stopped working. I've restarted the phone I've shut down the apps that use GPS. I've revoked permission to use GPS and given it back. No mapping app will work What should I try next?
  2. J

    Thread Notifications / Ringtones

    First OnePlus device. Trying to get everything setup. I've copied all my Notification tones to the Notification folder and ringtones to Ringtones etc but when I go into the device notification sounds not everything is showing up. Some of my sounds are but not all. I've tried system...
  3. J

    Thread notification sounds

    My notification sounds will randomly stop working and I have to reboot to get them back. Is anyone else having this issue? I've toggled sound Changed notification sounds Nothing but reboot will get them to start working again
  4. J

    Thread Front Camera

    I think my front camera is broke. I just got my Note 8 and went to setup both Iris and Face unlock and neither would work. I was fiddling around and opened the camera app and went to selfie mode and the camera app keeps working but the screen freezes and no picture from the front camera on the...
  5. J

    Thread Can't get Fastboot to work

    Ok. I can't get fastboot to work. WIndows 10 laptop. Disabled driver verification. ADB works fine and reboots into bootloader but once in bootloader no fastboot. I've got an "Unknown Device" in Other Devices in Device manager and I've tried to assign the google driver manually but it's not...
  6. J

    Thread Phone Radio battery drain (lots of data downloaded)

    Noticed my phone getting really hot in my pocket and battery draining fast. Noticed in GSAM battery monitor that Phone Radio was the culprit and in 2 hrs it looks like it downloaded 700M of data but I can't figure out why? Is there a way to tell what was being downloaded and why?
  7. J

    Thread Dropping half of a call?

    I don't know what else to call it but lately I've been having issues where I can hear the person on the other end of the line but they can't hear me. It's like 1/2 the call drops. Doesn't seem to be a mic issue b/c it happens over bluetooth, wired headphone and on the device headset. Does...
  8. J

    Thread adb backup

    I can't get the adb backup interface to show on the phone. adb is working, device is recognized. I've tried both NRT adn from command line (Windows machine) I'm running the M Dev Preview 3 I don't have any screen changing apps installed, device is not rooted Any thoughts?
  9. J

    Thread Rugged Case for a project

    Looking for a rugged case for a project. I want to mount my S6 on my roadbike (similar to quadlock) except I already have a Garmin 1/4 turn mounting system. I have a 3D printed ABS piece for the male portion of the Garmin mount and I'm going to adhere it to a Galaxy S6 case. I've been looking...
  10. J

    Thread 5.1.1 Update on rooted stock

    I'm running LMY47D and am unlocked and rooted. I know I can't do the OTA udpate to 5.1.1 but can I use nexus toolkit to do the update without wiping my phone clean? I found this thread --> http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6/help/rooted-nexus-6-fails-to-update-5-1-1-t3126216 and am...
  11. J

    Thread [Q] Manage Bluetooth connections with Zooper?

    Lately I've had a need to switch what bluetooth device I'm connected to pretty often and was wondering if there was a way to use Zooper (possibly with Tasker) to create a widget that would show all my bluetooth profiles and then connect or disconnect to each one by tapping them? Getting tired...
  12. J

    Thread Calendar Fields

    I'm making myself a little calendar widget because with Simple Calendar I can't seem to get it to show me a description in any of it's appearance modifications My question is. Is there a way to view past events or events from today all day? For instance I have events on my calendar from 12am...
  13. J

    Thread Android Studio + GitHub

    I'm trying to setup github with my android projects mainly so I can work on them on both my laptop and desktop computers. I found this video on setting up github and I've created my github account. My issue is when I'm going through the process of Sharing my Project on GitHub I'm not getting...
  14. J

    Thread Zooper and Popup question

    I've read this thread and I've got some instructions with what I'm trying to do but I just can't get popup and zooper to play nice. I've got a zooper widget that in the layout I've selected a rectangle and chosen the "Module on Tap" option and selected a shortcut for a pop up widget that I...
  15. J

    Thread Small Text size (only some apps)

    Running Golden Eye but not sure if this would be ROM related or app related or theme related. I've got some apps where the text is really really small. Take for example the screenshot below, settings in SIMI clock. The text size date field text is so small it's hard to read. Street names in...
  16. J

    Thread Wifi Turns Off

    My wifi turns off almost instantly after turning on. Sometimes it will connect to my network and other times it's a no go. This is a wifi only version and I'm still in the return window so thinking about swapping it out or just taking it back Android Version 3.2 Kernel...
  17. J

    Thread Bluetooth issues

    I've been reading and searching but I think I missed the thread that pertains to my issues. Running Stock everything and bluetooth connects from my phone to my headset fine but when I get in my car, the bluetooth system in my car starts screaming at me every 30 seconds that the "pairing process...
  18. J

    Thread Vlingo Safereader

    Ok... Safereader keeps automatically turning itself on for some reason. I can go turn it off but I can't figure out how to make it stop. I can turn safereader off but it keeps coming back. Vlingo is about to get removed and i like it. Someone has to know how to make this stop. I've been...
  19. J

    Thread APK files and swype keyboard

    OK.. so I want to change the keyboard colors on my phone and I've been reading for a while on apk files and just want to make sure I have it right I took the original swype apk (after backing up a copy) and changed it to a zip file and unzipped. Went into where the keyboard png files live and...